Korg PB05 Pitchblack Pro Rackmount Tuner

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The impact of light with an ultra-lightweight, thin rackmount tuner with the highest visibility of any “3D” tuning meter
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The Korg Pitchblack Pro features a new “3D” visual meter with a three-dimensional expression of light that delivers an unprecedented visual element. Although it's in a rackmount form factor, the body is ultra-lightweight and slim, allowing it to be used anywhere. This is a new generation of rackmount tuner that every guitarist/bassist with professional aspirations should experience.

Key Features:
•,19-inch 1U rackmount tuner for guitar/bass
•,Large “3D” style visual meter for unprecedented visibility
•,Lightweight, thin, with removable; not limited to rack installation
•,Three meter display modes: regular, strobe, and half-strobe
•,Cable Checker warns of broken or shorted cables
•,Buffered output minimizes any change in audio quality
•,Mute function lets you tune silently

There are three display modes available for the large meter:

Regular Meter mode
As when using a needle-type meter tuner, tune the string so that the LED in the center of the meter is lit up. The illuminated LED will move to the right if the string is sharp, or toward the left if the string is flat. This process is intuitively easy to grasp.

Strobe Meter mode
Tune the string so that the LED meter illumination stops flowing. The meter illumination will flow from left to right if the string is sharp or from right to left if the string is flat.

Half Strobe Meter mode
Tune the string so that the LED meter illumination stops flowing and only the center LED is lit up. The right side of the LED meter strobes if the string is sharp; the left side strobes if the string is flat. When the pitch is correct, only the center LED will be lit up.

The pitchblack Pro is a rackmount tuner that's easy to see even from a distance, allowing you to tune confidently. It's ideal not only on stage but also during rehearsals or recording. The crisp lights in your rack will attest to your professionalism.

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Things You Will Get:

Rackmount Tuner
AC adapter
(2)xRack mounting adapters
Model Number PB05
Model PB05
Series Pitchblack
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