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Korg microKORG 37 Key Pro Keyboard

With the microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder, you get State-of-the-art analog modeling and multi-band vocoding are available in a compact, portable instrument.


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MSRP: Old Price $670.00 Discounted Price $429.99 Save : $240.01 (36%)
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MSRP: Old Price $670.00 Discounted Price $429.99 Save : $240.01 (36%)
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With 37 keys and 128 user-rewritable programs, the microKORG Synthesizer/Vocoder is perfect for the performer, producer, computer musician or beginner looking for an affordable synthesizer. The microKORG delivers the quality sounds and features you expect from Korg at a price that will astound you.

Powerful synthesis
The microKORG boasts the same dual-oscillator DSP synthesis engine found in Korg's critically acclaimed MS2000 and offers a wider selection of waveforms than any other modeled synth. Oscillator 1 features a total of 71 waveforms . These include traditional analog waves like saw, pulse, sine and noise, plus more unique choices like Vox wave and cross wave. Together they provide a cool selection that can be modulated to produce an extensive range of timbres.

In addition, 64 exclusive DWGS waveforms from Korg’s classic DW-8000 enable the microKORG to reproduce a broad collection of imitative sounds. Sounds like bells, electric pianos, guitars, basses and more that would be difficult reproduce on an analog synthesizer. You can also apply Ring and Sync modulation from Oscillator 2 to create the kind of complex timbres that are the true sign of an advanced synthesizer.

Four filter modes are available, offering -12 dB (2-pole) low pass, high pass and band pass configurations plus an extra steep -24 dB (4-pole) low pass setting. All include resonance. Two classic ADSR envelope generators and two MIDI-syncable LFOs provide the power to shape your sounds. Add a Virtual Patch matrix that lets you create advanced modulation settings – routing the Mod Wheel to control filter cutoff or pulse width, using an LFO to control panning or amp level, etc. – and you have performance that is unheard of from a synthesizer in this price range!

Classic vocoding
The microKORG includes an 8-band vocoder with many advanced features. You can capture and “freeze” the formants of your voice, and then play it across the keyboard, or shift the formant frequency to make your voice sound male, female, like a child or just plain wacky! Best of all, the microKORG comes with its own microphone so you can start having fun right away.

A full range of effects
Three types of modulation effects (chorus/flanger, phaser, ensemble), three types of delay effects (stereo, cross, L/R), and a two-band equalizer add the finishing touch to the microKORG. The delays can be synchronized with the arpeggiator or to an external MIDI clock – a great feature for live performances or for laying down tracks. All effects can be edited to create your own, unique sounds.

Great sounds and expression
Korg has used all of the microKorg’s synthesis power in the creation of 128 great-sounding presets. They cover a wide range of the latest musical styles plus many vintage favorites. Sixteen vocoder Programs are also included. The Pitch Bend wheel, Modulation wheel and five other knobs provide flexible realtime control over filter cutoff, attack, release and other important parameters. The Edit Mode allows you to fully edit the existing sounds, or to create your own new ones.

Flexible arpeggiator
Six types of arpeggio patterns (UP, DOWN, ALT1/2, Random, Trigger) are built in, with control over tempo, gate time, swing, and up to a 4-octave range. You can turn individual steps on or off within a pattern, providing the feel and functionality of a step sequencer.

Audio in
Two external audio input jacks are provided, so you can run other instruments, CDs and more through the microKORG’s filter and effects, allowing you to process sounds in truly creative ways.

A compact MIDI controller
The microKORG's compact size is perfect for the musician or DJ looking to add a synth to his or her setup when space is tight. It's also a great choice for use in a computer-based music setup. The five realtime knobs on the front panel can transmit MIDI messages (control changes), so they can be used as controllers for software synthesizers. Use the 37-note velocity-sensitive mini-keyboard for controlling other gear or for recording and editing with your sequencer. And thanks to battery-power, the microKORG is the ultimate portable controller when used with a laptop computer!

Clear control and classic looks
There's no complex menu structure – all parameters are located on the panel for easy access to any function. A large dial and LED illuminated buttons provide easy program selection even on a dark stage. With its beige-gold body, wooden side panels and retro-influenced design, the microKORG has a look that's both vintage and funky.

Things You Will Get:

  • Keyboard
  • Power Supply
  • Microphone

Great addition to any setup


This little synth is fun for anyone to use. If you are in a band, there is almost always a way to fit this into your sound and add a whole new aspect. There is a very wide range of sounds for you to use, including the vocoder settings, which in my opinion are the most fun to mess with. The arpeggiator is also good and provides a unique variance on the factory sounds, which are also very customizable.


Cleveland, OH




I played one for a bout thirty minutes and wanted to purchase it right then and there...! afforable price for a great instrument!

Hippie Dave

Upland, Ca.


Small Unit, BIG Sound


To me, this little beast is as close as virtual analog gets. Fat sound, killer arpeggiators, and a cool vocoder make this a versatile addition to any rig. Points off for small keys (MIDI it up) and limited polyphony, but the pros FAR outweigh the cons. You won't regret buying one.




Best synth ever made!


Grimy and amazing!




Great synthesizer for the price


I bought my microKorg almost 1 year ago. It was the first synthesizer I had ever used. At first, I honestly I had no idea what I was doing, but after a few months I got the hang of things and began to seriously appreciate the amount of power this syntheiszer has, especially compared to synthesizers in the past. It has some downfalls, such as limited FM capabilities (only for the sine wave, it's called "Cross Modulation" but it's really FM with a different name), an inability to tinker with the DGWS digital waveforms, only three waveforms for oscillator 2, only 3 effects, no choice of the level of distortion (either on or off, the level of distortion depends on the output level of the oscillators), only 128 spaces for programs (believe me, it doesn't take long to use them all up), and some minor stuff like the small keys and the 3 digit LCD readout. A majority of the oscillator waveforms sound good though, they are distinct from one another. The ring and sync modulations make very audible changes in the sound, and the phaser effect is the best I have ever heard. All other phasers I've used sound thin and obnoxious. The microKorg's phaser is deep, thick, and sounds amazing. The ability to process external audio and run it through effects and basic modulation is also a bonus feature, as well as the vocoder for making "robot"-like sounds. If you are going for a synth for trance, techno, house, or dance, this is a good keyboard. It is designed to make synthetic sounds. I make industrial music, and I am sometimes surprised at how harsh you can make it sound. It cannot make many realistic sounds, a lot of the digital waveforms sound really fake and cheesy, but I have been able to make a somewhat realistic electric piano and a very realistic organ sound with two of the DGWS waves. It doesn't matter if you do or don't know what you're doing, this synth is easy to learn how to use and it can make some killer sounds. I would recommend this keyboard to someone who is looking for an inexpensive (and small) addition to their studio, or is a first-time buyer and has no background in synthesis.




Back To The Future


this moog-like synthesizer is badass. it covers a wide range of electronic music ive seen the neptunes (Pharell) use this and ive herd this on gwen stefani's cd. the only thing about it is no lcd display or menue it could help us out alot if you didnt have to turn knobs and and all but that makes it retro style i suppose. but the sounds are amazing not enough gain in the volume but those are the only complaints i have. but to sum this machine up i could write a whole album by using this and a drum machine


Va. Beach, VA



Killer bass and screaming leads plus a sweet vocoder. If you're doing any sort of electronica the microKORG is a must have! DStar





I bought this as kind of a whim but I on't think I could ever write my music without it ever again. All the features and modes for this are so cool and it's so easy a caveman could do it.



microKORG 37 Key Pro Keyboard

4.6 8


Other Features Velocity-sensitive keyboard
Model microKORG Synthesizer and Vocoder Compact Pro Keyboard
Warranty Info:

microKORG 37 Key Pro Keyboard

One year parts and labor. 90 Days on footswitches, tubes, and AC adapters. Three years on tuners and metronomes.