Keyfax Making Beats on the Yamaha MM6 (DVD)

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Hip-hop producers David Bortnick and Daniel Goldsmith from Nobody’s Own reveal the inner secrets of the ‘Mini Mo’ in this action-packed tutorial on the MM6. The MM6 is an incredible instrument, offering ‘Motif’ style sounds and features at a crazy price. Although it’s not difficult to operate there are still many features and capabilities that are not ‘obvious,’ and that are not explained in official literature.

This DVD takes you on a journey from showing you how to navigate the front panel right through to installing patch name files in Cubase LE. The ‘purpose’ of the journey is beat production, but in the process every MM6 feature and function is demonstrated and explained: different ways to use the arpeggios, getting more out of the preset patterns, tips on drum programming, fills, multi-track recording, transferring files over to Cubase, and onto USB, and much more.

Cut into the main action, producer Raymond Jones provides occasional Ray’s Breaks where custom beats can be seen and heard played live. With clips from recent Nobody’s Own shows, and even some live jamming on MM6 and a connected DTX e-kit (tapping into MM6 sounds simultaneously!), Making Beats On The Yamaha MM6 is both an entertaining and informative experience that gives you chapter and verse on how to get the most out of this amazing little synthesizer.

Main Scenes:

    •  Hip-Hop Then And Now •  The Hardware •  Basic Drum Tracks •  Completing Beats •  USB And The Computer (featuring Cubase LE) •  Live!

Run Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Things You Will Get:

  • DVD
  • Model Number DVD-MM6
    Model Making Beats on the Yamaha MM6
    Series Yamaha
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