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JBL LSR310S 10" Active Subwoofer

Developed with dance music producers in mind, bring extended low-frequency performance to music recording and post-production with the JBL LSR310S powered studio subwoofer optimized for use with the highly successful JBL 3 Series studio monitors.


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MSRP: Old Price $499.00 Discounted Price $399.00 Save : $100.00 (20%)
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The first studio monitors to incorporate JBL’s patent-pending Image Control Waveguide, the recently introduced 3 Series models provide an unprecedented level of accuracy, with exceptional imaging and detail. Rounding out the 3 Series line, the LSR310S subwoofer extends the low-frequency response of the system into the 20 Hz range while including an innovative feature that will make the sub attractive to dance music producers.

Driven by an integrated 200 Watt Class D power amplifier, a new 10-inch high excursion woofer works in concert with JBL’s patented Slip Stream Port™, delivering impressive low-frequency response below 27 Hz, with peak output of 113 dB SPL. Exceptional performance in a compact form-factor make the LSR310S the ideal choice for use in music recording and playback reference systems, and also as the “.1” LFE Low Frequency Effects speaker in surround-sound post production applications.

The sub includes a selectable XLF Extended Low Frequency setting that emulates the augmented low frequency response heard in the dance club environment. This provides a useful reference of how a dance mix will sound in the outside world.

Designed to integrate into a broad range of applications the LSR310S features balanced XLR and .” inputs, a selectable input sensitivity switch and three crossover settings: 80Hz, XLF and External. The 80 Hz setting implements high and low pass filters to create a seamless blend of the LSR310S with JBL’s LSR305 or LSR308 studio monitors or models from other manufacturers.

The external setting bypasses all filtering, allowing use of an external crossover. The special XLF setting activates a 120Hz High Pass Filter in conjunction with a low frequency tuning that approximates the tuning used in club playback systems. Using this setting, the bass output more than doubles and the newly developed woofer/amp combination with protective limiting allow the 310S to produce extended bass output continuously without failure.

The LSR310S striking appearance is highlighted by a distinctive glossy black flange of the front-mounted Slip Stream™ Port and the handsome compact black enclosure is designed to fit neatly into small recording and post production studio environments.

Things You Will Get:

    LSR310S Subwoofer
    Power Cable
    Owner's Manual

I recommend it 100%


I bought this one because I have the jbl 306p, sounds perfect no complains



Absolutely great!


I paired this with the 5" JBL monitors in the same product series. The sub is fairly large, with downfiring speaker and front port. Read the manual, it tells you exactly how to set it up. I actually set both sub and monitors to the same gain after adjusting the switch and use the monitor controller to control input signal. It is true, this pairing does in fact lower your overall output potential. For me, this is a non-issue as I am modeling sound in a highly controlled room. For project studio usage, this combination of monitors is a low cost way to get accurate representation of your mix and master. In pink and grey noise tests in our mix room, we found fairly flat response with no loss in the crossover range. It wasn't "perfect", but definitely usable for almost any practical mixing application. I would not recommend this for home theater use (not because it wouldn't sound good, but there are better options in the price range for that application). I would 100% recommend this for studio use in music, broadcast and folly/sound design applications, even if you have a higher budget. The quality here is consumer grade but frankly, the goal isn't perfect sound but normalizing as closely to sources your audience will typically use to consume your music or sound. This product does that in spades. Subjectively, I think the pairing of this sub with its smaller family makes for a really fantastic sound. Objectively, they are balanced with fair response and won't lead your ears astray. Just be sure to balance monitor and sub output. It's easy to set the sub too high, which happens when you sit too close to it. Remember, bass wavelength is long, so it literally takes some distance for the wave to reach max amplitude. Small rooms can still benefit from a sub provided you treat it to control moral response.




LSR310S 10" Active Subwoofer

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