IsoAcoustics ISO-155 Isolation Studio Monitor Stands, Pair

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The new ISO Series of speaker stands provide superior acoustic isolation and enhance the sound clarity of any speakers including studio monitors, home theatre systems and sound reinforcement.
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IsoAcoustic speaker stands are built with a unique, patented isolation technology that will allow your speakers to “float” in a free space, letting you hear authentic, uncolored sound.

They effectively eliminate energy transfer to surrounding surfaces. Bass becomes tighter. Overall imaging is enhanced. Overall imaging is enhanced. Your speakers perform to their full potential. And because your ISO-155 stands also allow you to raise and tilt your speakers, tweeters are always at ear level, proving the optimal listening position.

Whether you’re a pro mixing in the studio –a musician creating in a home project environment –or an audiophile who appreciates every nuance of music and sound –you’ll hear and appreciate the difference with ISO-155 stands. They’re simply the best investment you can make for superior audio.

  • The tough, durable construction features a high-modulus co-polymer that provides the perfect blend of weight and strength.
  • Frame and inserts (used for tilting the speaker) constructed of high-density plastic and steel tubes
  • Optimized for studio monitors with dimensions greater than 6.1”[W] x 7.5”[D] and weighing less than 35lbs each
  • 14 Combinations of height and tilt adjustments to help you achieve the ideal listening position
  • Professional applications include sound recording studios, as well as mixing studios for film, video and commercials.  

The ISO-155 ISO Series Monitor Stands are designed for medium size speakers and studio monitors.

From the studio to the stage, Sam Ash Music has you covered with the latest gear and accessories. With our many decades of experience and efficient order processing, your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Short: 2.9”/9.5cm
Tall: 8.75”/22.5cm
40 lbs/18kg
Model NumberISO-155
RCA InputNo
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