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IK Multimedia iLoud Micro Monitors (Pair)

With iLoud Micro Monitor, you will hear the truth in your music no matter whether you’re mixing in your bedroom, mastering in a small studio or just listening to your favorites tunes at home.


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Discounted Price $299.99
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The smallest active studio reference monitoring system in the world, iLoud Micro Monitor provides you with ultra-accurate true linear frequency response with no coloration. And if you work in a home or small studio you have even greater challenges, from the lack of space on your desk to the “less than ideal” position of your audio workstation, typically placed against a wall. Best of all, it offers high-end features that can be found only in monitors in big budget studios, but at a price that everyone can afford!

iLoud Micro Monitors are two extremely portable, high-performance bi-amped speakers that deliver a combined 50W RMS of power for solid bass, plenty of headroom and a stunningly defined stereo image. Whether you’re recording, editing, mixing, or mastering audio, iLoud Micro Monitor ensures your production will translate well to the huge variety of consumer devices — headphones, home stereo systems, gaming consoles, car audio systems, TVs, and other listening systems.

High power + Smallest footprint!
Its two speakers are powered by ultra-efficient class D power amplifiers that push a total of 50W RMS with amazing low-end response down to 55Hz (-3dB) — the best bass response in its category. Each monitor sports a 3/4” silk dome tweeter, a 3” high-rigidity custom composite material woofer and a large-flaring front-firing bass reflex port. Thanks to these features, it’s able to deliver smooth and extended high frequencies, an exceptionally open, focused midrange and a solid, controlled low end. Simply put, iLoud Micro Monitor’s sound is so good that it’s nearly inconceivable for a speaker system of this size and at this price point.

Ideal for small studios
Most home studios offer less than ideal space when working on audio and often resemble just a desk with a computer and speakers beside it placed against a wall. Most speakers are not designed for these small environments and sound boomy and undefined, but iLoud Micro Monitors have been designed to be the best possible reference monitor in these challenging “small room” situations.

iLoud Micro Monitor’s small footprint saves space on your desktop and ensures closer placement to your ears thus minimizing room reflections. Plus, its internal DSP offers various EQ settings for optimizing bass and treble response as well as position compensation — this lets you switch between a “free field” and “desktop” setup effortlessly.

You can also position iLoud Micro Monitor at two angles of inclination thanks to the integrated isolation base that guarantees further mechanical de-coupling and purer sound. With these features you can optimize your listening experience to suit the characteristics of the room you’re working in, therefore always ensuring that you’re working in the audio the sweet spot.

Get Connected
You can easily use iLoud Micro Monitors with all your favorite gear. Sending an audio signal to it couldn’t be easier. It has inputs for both RCA and 1/8” connectors, and it can also receive audio via Bluetooth from any Bluetooth-enabled device.

  • Professional reference-quality sound
  • Advanced digital control with 56-bit DSP, controlled diffraction / low resonance enclosure and time-aligned crossover, deliver superior audio with ultra-linear frequency response.
  • Powerful Class D bi-amplification system (50W RMS) provides plenty of headroom with lightning-fast transient response.
  • High-rigidity custom composite material woofer plus large flare bass reflex port produces “best in class” bass response down to 55Hz.
  • High-quality woofer and tweeter — like ones found in high-end systems — without the high-end price.

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Things You Will Get:

  • Micro Monitor (Pair)
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply Cabel
  • TRS 1/8” stereo to 2 x RCA cable
  • 4-pin Speaker Connector Cable

Perfect to work on the go! Excellent for mixing!!


I use this monitors mostly when im doing out of studio sessions. Perfect size, excellent quality and frequency response.


New York


Nice, Loud, and Accurate


Nice set of speakers for the price. They look good next to the laptop setup. They don't take up an unreasonable amount of space. But man do they sound good. Bass mids and trebles sound great and they respond super well surprisingly with out a sub. I would still suggest getting a sub because everyone needs one but they sound good without one. Home studio setup has such a nice touch with these.


Tampa, FL


Great Sounding Speakers!


For the size, these speakers are dynamite! The sound response is very true to the source recording--they don't have the 'enhanced' low end that most monitors at this price level have. These are great for a home recording setup where space is an issue! I am a verified Sam Ash Reviewer.

Gerald @ #56

Cincinnati, OH




These are great speakers to mix and master with. I like that there's not tooo much bass like many speakers are getting into nowadays. I have a subwoofer I use to get that extra bass when I need it. But these speakers also come with all the cables you need for them and they have Bluetooth which I love! This is a review from Ellis at Sam Ash in Richmond, VA.


Richmond, VA.


Packs a punch


The iLoud studio monitors are surprisingly powerful for its small size. Even though it only pushes out 50 watts of power, you get a nice balance of both bass and treble. Filter switches allows for a little variety. Sturdy build.


Edison, NJ

Great Speakers!


iK stuff is some fantastic gear and these speakers are no exception. Great sound and tone for the price.


sam ash nyc


iLoud micro


I got a pair recently and these really surprised me! These monitors may be small, but believe me they pack a punch!!! 50w out of these and they are designed to make frequencies to arrive to the listener at the same time.

Lee @ Sam Ash Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio


You Won't Believe the Sound


If you work in a small home studio, you know that a lot of reference monitors take up a lot of room, but you might be afraid to downgrade to a smaller speaker, for fear that you'll loose low frequencies. As long as you're not in a huge room, these IK monitors will sound great, and give you a really accurate representation of what the sound will be like elsewhere. Also, if you find yourself having to mix all the time, even when you're on the road, these are a great alternative to headphones. They take up less room in your suitcase than your sox, and they can turn your hotel room into a pretty effective mix studio.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA


Perfect for the travelling engineer!


The iLoud speakers are a great solution for anyone who needs studio level playback, with a limited amount of space. These sound very comparable to monitors in a similar price range, while maintaining a super compact footprint. Can be easily set up and taken down, so taking them on the road is not an issue. Great buy for someone with limited space, or the engineer who travels quite a bit.


Lyndhurst, OH


iLoud Micro Monitors (Pair)

4.8 9


Power Rating 70W (peak) - 50W RMS
Inputs 2 x RCA Inputs
TRS 1/8” Stereo input
Type 2-way active, bi-amped studio monitor
Special Features High performance Bass-Reflex port
Maximum SPL 107dB
Frequency Response 55Hz - 20kHz (-3dB)
Dimensions 7.09” x 5.31” x 3.54”
Weight 60.67oz (left + right speaker)
LF Driver Size 3"
HF Driver Size .75"
LF Driver Material High-rigidity custom composite material
HF Driver Material Silk dome, neodymium magnet
Power Class Class-D
Bluetooth Compatible Yes
Information not available

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