Special Orders

Although we sell thousands of items from hundreds of manufacturers, we can't carry every product a manufacturer makes. In addition, many manufacturers offer custom-order options, such as special colors and finishes on guitars.

If you need something that you can't find on our site, or if you come across an item with a "Special Order" message, we'll most likely be able to order it for you. Just call our Customer Support Center at 1-800-472-6274 and ask to speak to a sales representative. They'll be happy to help you get what you need!

Please note that special orders do take a bit longer to process. We first have to order the item from the manufacturer, receive it, and then ship it to you.

Please note: certain custom orders (like special colors, for example) are non-cancellable if they have already been shipped from the manufacturer and may not be returnable. Also, shipping charges may apply to special order items.

Your sales representative will be happy to assist you in placing special/custom orders, providing delivery estimates and explaining any restrictions.