Oversized Items

Oversized items are products that are too large to be shipped by normal means, or require additional charges because of their size or weight. Oversized items are identified on our web site with the following comments:

"NOTE: Additional shipping charges apply to this item" "Items marked with ** have additional shipping charges"

You will find this information on the detail item pages.

Shipping Oversized Items

Products that are too large to ship via Federal Express or other similar methods are shipped Truck Freight.

Basic Truck Freight

Basic Truck Freight means the driver will bring the order to the end (tailgate) of the truck only. You will be responsible for carrying the product from the back of the truck into your house, or wherever it's going. If you are ordering a very large item, please keep in mind that you may need a couple of people to help unload it. Alternatively, most truck freight companies offer additional services to help you move items from the truck into your house. If this is a service that you may require, please contact us for information and additional fees for this service.

All common carrier deliveries are "tailgate" specific, i.e. drivers are not obligated to unload and carry items into your residence or business. Additional charges for items needing a Liftgate service will apply.

Liftgate Service

Liftgate service means the freight is lowered to the ground in the street. You are responsible for moving the product beyond that. Arrangement for a Liftgate delivery may involve an extra day or two shipping time. If this is a service that you may require, please contact us for information and additional fees for this service.

Some oversized orders may be delivered by a large truck (in most cases, an 18-wheeler). The truck must be able to access the place of delivery.

Residential delivery, 2-person delivery, special Liftgate trucks or remote delivery may require an additional charge to any freight quotations given at the time of order.

Important Notice about Freight Truck Deliveries

Always inspect your shipment BEFORE signing for it. If opening or assembling is not possible at the time your delivery is received, it is best to indicate "POSSIBLE CONCEALED DAMAGE" regardless of the condition of the box(es). Please make sure you retain a signed copy for yourself.

If the box has any damage, or if there is any reason for you to be at all concerned about damage, please write "PRODUCT DAMAGED" clearly on the sheet you are asked to sign. This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem.

All freight damages (by Commerce Law) are the responsibility of the customer, but we will assist as fully as we can.