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Line 6 Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal


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The Line 6 Helix is a new kind of guitar processor: it's not only a tour-grade multi-effect pedal that sounds and feels authentic, it's also the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built.

Real. Smart. Control.
Helix is a new kind of guitar processor: it's not only a tour-grade multi-effect pedal that sounds and feels authentic, it's also the most comprehensive master controller for guitar systems ever built. Start by recreating the tones in your head with the new HX modeling engine—the new amps, cabs, mics, and effects will feel familiar to anyone who has ever spent time in the studio getting the best guitar sounds from both vintage and modern gear. Have a pile of oddball pedals that you rely on for your personal sounds? No problem. Take advantage of the most comprehensive I/O and routing capabilities ever built into a multi-effect and easily integrate them into the Helix environment. Once connected, create custom setups and footswitch labels that make your external pedals feel like they’re all under the hood. And now with new Helix 2.10 firmware, you get additional models and features that deepen the Helix experience.  Whether you spend your time in the studio or on the stage, Helix is the next-generation guitar processor you’ve been waiting for.

Real Tone
It feels and sounds like your analog gear
When it comes down to authentic sound and feel, Helix represents a giant leap forward for guitar technology. The dual-DSP engine provides massive power to accurately recreate the dynamic feel of tube amplifiers, not just their sonic fingerprint. Each stage of an amp's circuit has been measured and matched back to the original, so that each model reacts and interacts just like the real thing. This level of dynamic circuit detail extends into areas like power supply ripple, individual tube sag, and control over B+ voltages. Once these elements are captured, you get classic bloom and gooey compression on some amps, and a powerful gut punch on others. Additionally, you can load custom impulse responses to personalize your rig setup. Helix 2.10 firmware introduces new amp models and effects including Archetype Clean/Lead based on the Paul Reed Smith Archon amp, Stupor OD (Mono, Stereo) based on the BOSS SD-1 Overdrive, and Pitch Echo (Mono, Stereo).

Smart Interaction
So intuitive you already know how to use it
Massive power traditionally comes with a steep learning curve, but Helix challenges that way of thinking. Touch-sensitive footswitches allow you to select an effect block for editing simply by touching it. In combination, the large 6.2 inch 800x480-pixel LCD display all but eliminates menu-diving and provides the same level of control you would expect from an external editor. Colored LED rings and customizable scribble strips complete the user interface, letting you know what each footswitch is doing at a glance. When it comes to creating tones, Helix is as fast as you are.

Part of the goal in developing Helix was to allow guitarists to interact with technology in ways that are more intuitive, making the creation of tones easier. This means that—for the very first time—you won't have to stop playing to tweak a knob. With Pedal Edit Mode, you can edit any parameter you like using your foot: simply select the block that you want to tweak, and its parameters spill out onto the footswitches. Select a parameter, and tweak the value using the expression pedal.

Giving you the ability to touch a footswitch and quickly tweak parameters or easily assign or learn controllers, Helix is the fastest tone creator of its kind on the planet. But that's only part of the story—it's also the most flexible. Helix has FOUR stereo paths per preset, allowing you to design complex routing scenarios for each patch. Creating variations on wet and dry routing schemes is as easy as loading a template or tweaking the joystick, and using the onboard effects models in conjunction with the 4 freely-assignable effects loops means that the tonal possibilities are truly huge.

Helix 2.10 firmware still includes the new Snapshots performance feature, enabling you to instantly recall, switch, and control selected elements of your tone within individual presets. Depending on how they're set up, Snapshots can act as eight variations of the same tone, eight drastically different tones, or any combination thereof—all within the same preset.

Control of Your Entire Rig
Integrate and control internal and external devices
As the most advanced guitar processor ever made, Helix can become the nerve center for your entire guitar rig. Easily integrate traditional effects pedals and other hardware into your environment, creating a seamless hybrid rig that incorporates the best of what software and hardware have to offer.

Helix has the most flexible audio routing ever seen on a guitar processor, thanks to its dynamically allocated DSP. Use the four effects loops to connect four separate pedal chains, or split them up and use them as freely-assignable inputs and outputs. In combination with four stereo paths, this means that you can process multiple instruments at once, send wet and dry signals to different places, and create large integrated systems that take advantage of both digital and analog I/O at the same time.

When you need to incorporate external devices via MIDI, Helix offers more flexibility than any multi-effect ever. In addition to powerful real time MIDI control, Helix can send up to six separate commands at patch recall that aren't assigned to a footswitch, which means you can change a patch on a synth, start a sequencer, and turn up a fader on an external mixer, all with one press of a footswitch. Add three expression pedals, CV/Expression out, and external amp switching, and Helix can be the command center for any size rig.

Finally, Helix 2.10 firmware features Variax control enhancements open up new performance possibilities—toggle between two guitar models with a footswitch, control the Variax tone knob with an expression pedal, assign a momentary footswitch to drop D, and more.

Helix is like no other guitar pedal that you've ever seen before. It represents a new way of thinking about guitarists and technology, and it gives creative musicians the tools to quickly recreate the sound they hear their head, without sonic compromise.

Helix 2.1 Firmware
Helix 2.10 firmware includes new models and features that add even more power and sonic versatility to the Helix experience. Here’s a look at what’s new:

New Amp Models:
  • Archetype Clean, based on the clean channel of the Paul Reed Smith Archon
  • Archetype Lead, based on the lead channel of the Paul Reed Smith Archon
  • Line 6 Litigator, new Line 6 Original inspired by boutique mid-gain amps
New Effects Models:
  • Distortion > Stupor OD (Mono, Stereo), based on the BOSS SD-1 Overdrive
  • Delay > Pitch Echo (Mono, Stereo), Line 6 Original

New editing features provide greater control and flexibility over both tone and live performance
Sonic improvements and new parameters added to existing models

Get your Line 6 Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

Line 6 has modeling on lock


In comparison to other modeling units; the Helix is by far the best dollar for dollar. I really think you get the most for your money compared to other popular items like the Kemper or Fractal. I feel like the modeling patches are just as good and without the steep price you have to pay for a Fractal. The unit is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. I think it make be one of the easiest to use that Line 6 has put out in a few years. If you're looking for a unit that does it all THIS IS IT.



Helix is a Great Product!


If I was to create a floorboard from scratch the Helix Floor would be it. Line 6 has been doing this for a LONG time, and you can really tell by the well thought out design, layout, and user interface. Within a short time I was able to create fantastic sounding patches, and snapshots, and I was able to use it for live performances within a couple days. With more time spent, I will obviously able to utilize and tweak to perfection. Once I have dialed in my tones, I find that there is no need to keep tweaking, and there are only a few of my expensive tube amps that afford me that luxury, I don't see the need to use as them much anymore as they are big heavy cumbersome, and loud (Although I'm still keeping them...) I will also recommend the backpack, as it is functional and rugged as well, (I got mine added free with purchase, well worth it for protection if you gig). Hats off to Line 6 on the Helix, they nailed this one! Thanks to Sam Ash for great customer service, communication, and the best price of all the retailers on the internet!


Massachusetts, USA


Most amazing guitar product ever


I want to thank Sam Ash for letting me set up a complete Helix and Helix LT rig to compare side by side. I opted for the Helix. Ive been a Line 6 HD500 user who has fully put that unit through its paces for about five years in live and studio situations and a variety of bands playing rock, country, alternative etc. I was reluctant to upgrade based on the programming i knew it would take to recreate my settings. The Helix could not be easier to get fantastic sounds right out of the box - the sound definition is sharper and really pops. The amount of control over every aspect of a complete rig (or multiple rigs) is daunting but really incredible when you realize the amount of flexibility this unit offers. If you can dream it, Helix can do it!


Dallas, TX


Profoundly advanced tonal quality!


Wow! The tones created from the Helix are simply amazing! While there will be a learning curve, it's really quite...well...intuitive. Be sure to check out 'Line 6 Helix User Group' over on fb.


York, PA


Does it all


Great look and easy to use. This pedal has a great selection of digital amps and cabinet with the new HX modeling engine. This is a great addition to the guitar player looking for a distinct studio sound.

Manny D

Los Angeles, CA


Beautiful Essential Piece of Guitar Gear


For a real boutique piece of gear in the Multi Effects Proccessing department, Line 6 unveils a stunning board. In addition to the multitude of high quality effects that faithfully reproduce close to analog tone, the audio routings are astounding! You can even control external devices and allow for MIDI control. Oh, and that display? Imagine you had a VST and you wondered what it would look like if realized as a piece of hardware gear. Line 6 answers this call and does it with the grace and high quality that Line 6 is known for.


Edison, NJ


Line 6 Versatility


Line 6 keeps stepping up they game. This is the best sound amp modeler yet. It's supper versatile, letting you play blues, metal, funk and more while keeping adjustments easy and intuitive. A powerful piece of gear in a small package. This has been a hands on review by Nathan at Sam Ash Canoga Park.


Los Angeles CA


The ultimate Multi-FX board


The Line 6 Helix Floorboard does everything. Not only does it have hundreds of different effects you can use that sound amazing, you can set it up as a midi controller for you boutique pedals and save space on the stage. LED screen on the board lays out everything in front of you for ease of use.


Edison, NJ







Awesome modeler!


Line 6 has come a long way with their modeling technology and this is their best sounding product yet! It is super simple to tweak and even has its own backpack style carrying bag for fly dates or biking from one gig to the next. Dig it!


Los Angeles, CA


Helix Floorboard Multi-Effects Guitar Processor Pedal

4.9 14


Series Helix
Model Helix Floor

Line 6 Helix Keyboard Shortcuts

Line 6 Helix Shortcuts 2.0

Warranty Info:

Amps/Foot Controllers: one year Computer Accessories: 90 days