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Hartke HD50 50-Watt 1x10" Bass Combo Amplifier

The Hartke HD50 Bass Combo packs their revolutionary HyDrive speaker into a perfect amp for small spaces, capable of greatly enriching your low-end and maintains Hartke's commitment to high quality bass amplification with exceptional durability.


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MSRP: Old Price $254.99 Discounted Price $199.99 Save : $55.00 (22%)
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Whether your practicing in your bedroom or performing in small to medium sized venues, there is an HD Series bass combo amp for you. All of the HD series combos come loaded with Hartke's patented HyDrive hybrid (half paper, half aluminum) cone speakers for a warm, round tone with a killer attack and punch that is sure to satisfy any bass player. Incredibly user-friendly, the HD Series combos also feature top-mounted onboard Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble controls so you can dial in a wide range of tonal options on the fly. Jam packed with professional features, the HD Series sport an 1/8" stereo aux input that allows you to jam along to your favorite tracks on your iPod, MP3, CD player or other stereo line devices while a 1/4" headphone output instantly turns these HD Series combos into high-quality practice amps. Equipped with a built-in limiter, you can be sure that the HD Series combos are always operating at safe levels to protect the speaker and amp from overloading.

The Hartke HD50 Bass Combo Amplifier dishes out 50 watts of power through Hartke's specially designed patented 10" hybrid driver, making this the ideal HD Series amplifier in small to medium practice/rehearsal settings. It doesn't matter if your bass comes equipped with passive electronics or active electronics, the HD50 is capable of adapting to any bass guitar thanks to the flexible 1/4" input that accommodates various input levels. Durable, stylish and extremely portable, the HD50 features an ultra-compact, roadworthy construction with a sleek, perforated metal grill and a convenient molded strap carry handle. Looking for a practice amp for your bedroom or small to medium sized rehearsal space the HD50 is sure to deliver.

Get your Hartke HD50 50-Watt 1x10" Bass Combo Amplifier today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

    Bass Combo Amplifier

Great Amp!


Best tonal range,Crisp highs,fat sounding lows,punchy mids!

Dr B


Really Liking this Amp


I bought this to use as a practice amp here at the house BUT.....I believe this little amp could actually be used in a small club or room. It's Way louder than I imagined and Really sounds Great. I have the HD500 as well and this is pretty much a "mini me" of that one. It's very tight with a wonderful tone.




Great sound, quality, and price!


This is my new practice amp. It is far better than the Line 6 amp that I have! The frequency response is great and sound is clear. There is virtually no distortion when turned to full volume. The only buzzing that I hear is from things in the house shaking. 😁 This a great amp for practice and small gigs.


Great Mills, MD


Great Amp


I picked one up from Sam Ash and I really liked everything about it. It has a very smooth sound with no distortion coming out at high volumes. I love taking it to practices or Jamouts with my friends. I really recommend this amplifer to anybody looking for a practice amp or for anybody that needs it for small venues. Once again I totally recommend.🤘


San Diego, CA


Amazing! Get one!


I spent plenty of time playing around to find the one that I would take home! I first bought a Fender Rumble 25, thinking that it would do the job for an advance hobbyist practicing at home! Nope, failed; my Geddy Lee signature jazz bass sounded horrible. Then I upgraded to Rumble 40, thinking that the power was the issue. Not even close! Despite the fancy additions to Rumble 25 such as three-voicing palette (bright, vintage, and contour) and the overdrive circuit, it sounded hollow and dissappointed me tremendously. Then I turned to Hartke and love at first sight and sound! The powerful and round lows and equally powerful and warm mids and higs! Add the attack and the punch, the rest is up to your bassing skills! I hardly adjust the tone...even when everything shows 12 oc'clock, the amp sounds very powerful and impressive. Needless to say, Hartke 50 D's aluminum and paper hybrid speaker is the biggest difference! But the sound quality may have to do with Hartke 50D's 38 lbs, solid wood, versus Fender Rumble 40's 18 lbs thin and flimsy wood/particle board frame. Overall, I am hundred percent happy and satisfied with Hartke! And I was a loyal Fender guy! Hartke has converted me for life! On a separate note, I used to shop at the Town Center Guitar Center, and had purchased both of the Fender Rumble's there, but Sam Ash folks are much superior in terms of their knowledge and professionalsim and courtesy. GC folks are so laid back to the extent that they don't care! And most of the floor people have no idea whatsoever. Their incompetence surprised me big time. I had used a coupon for the Fender Rumble 25, and when I wanted to return it, it took three different sales associates about and hour but they couldn't figure it out. So I had to take the amp home and pay anther trip the next day so that the store manager could honor and apply the coupon to the next purchase, which was the Rumble 40 that I had to return eventually. Just saying!


Henderson, NV


Great Practice Amp


Put a medium diaphragm condenser in front of it and literally could not believe the clarity and punch that came through in my DAW. This is my first amp with a partially aluminum cone, but if that is what is responsible for the sound, it is a good good thing. The amp is reasonably quiet, but I got just a tiny bit of treble hiss that was tricky to eliminate. Ultimately, this amp can sound good at any volume, or sound really great if you put some boost and a decent EQ in front of it. This is a real hands on product review from [email protected] Sam Ash Miami


Miami, FL


Compact and Powerful


The HD50 is a great new addition to the Hartke lineup. It's compact size makes it easily for transport. At 50 watts of power, it not only works as a practice amp for private practice but also works for smaller venues. When you need to play a smaller venue and don't want to drag your big rig with you, the HD50 will provide quality tone that doesn't break your back. The updated hybrid paper and aluminum cone provides great warmth and punch. This amp comes with all the features you would want in a practice amp. It has an input for headphones for quiet practice, and an auxiliary jack so you can practice along to your favorite songs. This is a real hands on product review from Max @ Sam Ash Lombard

Maximus Bassimus

Lombard, IL


An Employee Of Sam Ash Who Owns One


This amp packs more punch that you'd imagine. As a bassist that performs over 150 gigs a year I need amps of various sizes because I never really know the actual size of some rooms I'm booked in until I arrive. I've used this amp more than I ever thought I would. As an owner of this amp I stand behind this review. That being said...This is a real hands on product review from Big Jim at Sam Ash New Haven.

Big Jim

New Haven, CT


10" speaker


The Hartke HD50 is a sleek durable bass combo amp that puts out 50 watts of ground shaking power. It has a convenient mini plug input to connect any MP3 device to play along to. 10 " speaker which makes this amp ideal for practice or for rehearsal. This is a real hands-on review from David @ Sam Ash Ontario.

Music Lover

Southern California


small powerhouse


Impressive tone quality combined with solid construction in a compact afoorbale amp. Great for small acoustic gigs and use for bass tracks in a home studio. The speaker is strong and handles low bass notes without distorting. I am a staff reviewer at Sam Ash Music.


Cincinnati, OH


HD50 50-Watt 1x10" Bass Combo Amplifier

4.8 22


Channels 1
Watts 50
Other Features Hartke Patented 10" HyDrive Hybrid Paper and Aluminum Cone Driver

Top-Mounted Amplifier with Volume, Bass, Mid and Treble Controls

1⁄4" Input for Active and Passive Bass Guitars

1/8" Stereo Aux Input for Stereo Line Level Devices (MP3 Players, Drum Machines, Keyboards, etc.)

1⁄4" Headphone Output

Built-In Limiter

Perforated Metal Grill

Molded Strap Carry Handle
Weight 38 lbs.
Dimensions 19.5 x 20.5 x 15.5 inches (WxHxD) (In Box)
Series HD
Model HD50

Hartke HD25/HD50 Bass Combo Amp Cutsheet

Hartke HD25/HD50 Bass Combo Amp Owner's Manual

Warranty Info:

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for TWO YEARS and labor for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.

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