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Hartke Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp/Direct Box with Overdrive


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MSRP: Old Price $224.99 Discounted Price $99.99 Save : $125.00 (56%)
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MSRP: Old Price $224.99 Discounted Price $99.99 Save : $125.00 (56%)
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The Bass Attack 2 combines Hartke's classic preamp/direct box circuitry and striking tone into a rugged, zinc die cast stompbox-style design. Its ultra-clean, flexible output stage and vast array of tone shaping controls include 1/4" and balanced XLR direct outputs and Hartke's legendary Shape EQ, Contour and Overdrive effect.

Leveraging Hartke's years of experience focused on the needs of bass players, the Bass Attack 2 provides unique tone sculpting capabilities. The stompbox gives players access to Hartke's Shape circuit, which activates a specialized preset EQ curve that can be customized using the Shape Frequency and Amount knobs. Players can also add a little extra color with the dedicated Contour switch.

The Bass Attack 2's Overdrive circuit provides bass players with creative control over effects ranging from subtle tube emulation to grungy fuzz. The Tone knob lets you determine the perfect amount of high-frequency growl, while a dedicated Mix knob manages the blend between distorted and dry signals.

Featuring a 1/4" parallel output for dry signals, a 1/4" effect output for your amp, and a balanced XLR direct output, the Bass Attack 2 provides flexible output options for FOH or studio recording consoles. Its direct output Pre/Post switch allows players to adjust stage sound without affecting the mix sent from the XLR to FOH. The Bass Attack 2 can also operate off of a mixer’s phantom power via its XLR jack.

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Heard Good Things


I ordered it but none are available right now. I've read lots of good reviews of the unit, thoughl.



Good budget bass DI


The Bass Attack 2 is a good unit for the price. Its tone shaping abilities are simple but it will get the job done. The shape circuit lets you pick a frequency and then cut or boost. It can be toggled on or off so the flexibility is a plus. The overdrive sounds nice. It's not like a tube overdrive or anything but it will add a good amount of grit to your sound. What I like is that you can blend the overdriven sound with the clean sound. I do wish there was another blend to have the straight bass signal come through. It is a tad bit noisy. The noise floor is higher than my Sansamp but for rehearsals or live shows it is acceptable. For recording you would benefit from using a gate. Overall this is a good unit. It doesn't sound as good and is not as solidly built as a Sansamp but you can't go wrong with the price.



Update review to "Great for all instruments"


After a lot of experience with this preamp, I still love it and use it all the time! Bass players need only to add a compressor and speaker sim pedals to dump their amps. Why lug that 8X10 around with you? It's still very useful for many instruments due to the pseudo parametric mid band EQ and parallel mixed distortion. Parallel mixing means you can dial up any amount of distortion, light to heavy, and mix that distortion with the original signal in any amount you like, no matter how subtle. Recording bass in studio, the BA2 is always first in any signal chain. I go from inst. to BA2 where the signal is split at least once. I record straight from the DI mic output even if I'm recording a player's full rig. I actually don't go direct to PA in a live setting just because I think a bass sounds so much better and stays in its lane better going through a speaker (sim). I'm currently playing both guitar and bass in the band I'm with now and I've included the BA2 into my pedalboard. On guitar I love having the tone controls of the BA2 in my post-preamp signal, although if I weren't also playing bass it would be a bit large for just tone control. Compressor- Hypergravity comp > Dirt- Ethos TWE > Tube Screamer or Soul Food > Blues Driver > Preamp- Atomic AFB > BA2 > Fx Loop- TCE Dreamscape > TCE Flashback 2 > HOF reverb > Amplifier & Speaker- Mooer Radar > DI My only complaint is that on a pedalboard the BA2's power supply input is too close to the signal input. When using right angle patch cables, the power supply jack limits the direction of the patch cable to a range from straight up to straight forward toward the front of the pedal. Still, a preamp pedal well worth its price tag.




If you're one who cares about your sound/tone. Get this!


Whether is my acoustic bass, or electric, this is part of my rig. Some comment about the overdrive, I am not interested in that. Tonal variations are great.


Houghton Lake, Mi


Great for all instruments- have purchased 3 now


I bought the BA-2 based on reviews I'd read on various bass forums. At first blush, I was DECIDEDLY UNDERWELMED! "This is it?! Huh..." After all the great words it simply didn't hit me in the face with some spectacular, orgasmic sound. That was short lived. I'm embarrassed to say, I did not recognize this for what it is... a sleeper. The second time I sat down with the BA-2 was to play bass, not to play with a new toy. I plugged in and it sounded pretty good, immediately. I'm a studio owner and play any instrument in many genres whenever needed so I started playing thru style after style. With every change I could immediately dial up what I wanted to hear and each time, with my custom built studio bass (no one touches but me) or my modded SR500 (for gigs and clients to use), it made my instruments sound really good. More importantly, played with recordings, it always fit PERFECTLY! This thing is SO much more impressive in the mix than sitting by yourself noodling around! It was just fun too. The distortion the BA-2 has, I thought, might sound interesting on acoustic guitar. So, I plugged it in... SWEET! Somehow, with judicious use of the distortion section, it makes a piezo pickup sound more like a "real" acoustic guitar. An acoustic singer/songwriter buddy of mine traded me his modded Tube King, a TS-9 and L.R. Baggs DI for the BA-2 upon first listen. So, the next day, back for another BA-2. Last one in stock. Whew! Then, when my studio partner realized I was planning on taking it with me on an upcoming trip he says, "You can't take THAT! What will I do while you're gone?" So I ordered another! The BA-2 is now the first thing we grab when we want to apply distortion to any instrument except electric guitar! The distortion is consistent whether you hit it hard or not so it does not break up more with more input like a tube pre. No flash. Nothing screaming "Look at me! Look what I can do!" It just sits there... sounding awesome!


Cincinnati, OH


Bass Attack Pedal Rocks!


Hartke came out with a great product. Direct Box/Pre amp has excellent tone shaping controls. Great for using live.

Jamm'n Jim

Buffalo Grove


A great update to a great DI!


The original Bass Attack DI was a great piece of kit to have for studio and stage, and this version just improves on that legacy. Even cleaner than the original, with a more robust build quality, and a physical lay out more in line with standard DIs makes this a winner all around. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to keep their bass tone as clean and true as possible, and with out the hassle of carrying an amp all over! - Staff reviewer, Store 35 - Lyndhurst


Lyndhurst, OH


Great pedal!


Great pedal with a wide array of tones and options. I use one in my home studio and am very happy with it.




Finally! An affordable EQ adjustable DI, with overdrive.


This is great for any electric bass application from the garage to the studio to the live gig. Use it in conjunction with an amp or run direct. Great EQ adjustability and a really decent overdrive onboard. Staff review from Shawn Kern @ Sam Ash Indianapolis




The lastest in a Direct Box from Hatrke


This is an essential direct box for any working bass player. Sturdy design and efficient EQ controls make this ideal for any live application. An extra out allows for simultaneous hook up to amplifier as well as mixing board. Review by Jim in Columbus


Columbus Oh


Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp/Direct Box with Overdrive

4.8 16


Warranty Info:

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for TWO YEARS and labor for TWO YEARS from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.