Hal Leonard Royal Blood-Guitar and Bass with Tab

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Mike Kerr's bass rig is multifaceted. It'scomprised of three distinct setups, each with its own amp and set of effects to fulfill a sepcific role in the band. Two are set to emulate guitars, and one for bass. Trhough careful arranging of the riffs and deft switching, he's able to do the work of three, plus sing! These tabs are written with same approach. Labels, such as Gtr. Rig 1, Gtr. Rig 2, and Bass Rig are used throughout to indicate the signal path of Kerr's bass. Guitar players can use the transcriptions, too, by playing the bottom four strings and following the labels and effect settings. You can either assign the parts to three players or, with the help of a pile of gear, do it all yourself!
This book includes all the songs from the eponymous release including:
  • Better Strangers  
  • Blood Hands
  • Careless
  • Come on Over
  • Figure It Out
  • Little Monster  
  • Loose Change
  • Out of the Black  
  • Ten Tonne Skeleton  
  • You Can Be So Cruel.
  • Includes photos
Model Number 151826
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