Hal Leonard Jimi Hendrix Gear (Text)

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The Guitars, Amps & Effects That Revolutionized Rock 'n' Roll
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How did he do it? So many years later, it's still the question guitar aficionados ask about Jimi Hendrix, whose music was like nobody else's. Song by song, album by album, concert by concert, this book analyzes how Hendrix achieved that sound – and shows you how to achieve it, too. The book examines all of Hendrix's equipment, providing a nuts-and-bolts analysis of each of his guitars (including serial number, history, and provenance), his amps choices, and his singular use of revolutionary effects from wah-wahs to overdrives to bizarre-o pedals like the Fuzzface. A practical reference book like no other, this volume gives the proper guidance and tools to any guitarist who wants to take a stab at emulating one of the greatest players of all time.

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  • Model Jimi Hendrix Gear
    Series Book
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