Hal Leonard Interactive Fender Bible (Book and DVD)

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The Interactive Fender Bible is a two-part package that gives players and collectors a new look at the history and importance of Fender electric guitars and amplifiers. Part One is a broadcast-quality 70-minute DVD in which author Dave Hunter and guitarist Carl Verheyen take you on a tour of the Brian Fischer collection of vintage Fender guitars and amplifiers. Luscious Stratocasters, Twin Reverbs, Telecasters, Champs, and more are showcased, and there is a gallery of 22 gorgeous vintage Fender electrics, from custom color Strats and Teles to Duo-Sonics, Jaguars, and even a rarely-seen hollowbody LTD. Part Two is Fender Facts, a reference book full of detailed information about every Fender electric guitar and amplifier from 1945 to the present day. Fender Facts brings together the history and specifications of every si8ngle Fender electric guitar and amplifier, complete with cross-referenced indexing and full chronological information. The Interactive Fender Bible is a must for everyone from the first-time Fender owner to the seasoned collector.

Things You Will Get:

  • Book
  • DVD
  • Model Interactive Fender Bible
    Model Number 331761
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