Hal Leonard Mendelssohn-St. Paul- Choral Large Works-SATB

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Song List:  
•And All That Sat In The Council (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Be Thou Faithful Unto Death (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•But Our God Abideth In Heaven (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•But The Lord Is Mindful Of His Own (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Consume Them All (St.Paul)
•Far Be It From Thy Path (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•For Know Ye Not? (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•For So Hath The Lord (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•The Gods Themselves (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Happy And Blest Are They (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•How Lovely Are The Messengers (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•I Praise Thee, O Lord (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•I Will Sing Of Thy Great Mercies (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Is This He? (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Jerusalem Thou Killest Prophets (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Lord, Thou Alone Art God (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•The Nations Are Now The Lord's (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Not Only Unto Him (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Now This Man Ceaseth Not (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Now We Are Ambassadors (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•O Be Gracious, Ye Immortals (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•O God, Have Mercy (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•O Great Is The Depth (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•O Thou, The True And Only Light (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Rise! Up! Arise! (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•See What Love (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Sleepers, Wake, A Voice (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Stone Him To Death (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•This Is Jehovah's Temple (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
•Thus Saith The Lord (Mendelssohn) (SAINT PAUL)
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