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Supro 1624T Dual-Tone 1x12" Combo Guitar Amp

The compact and club friendly 1624T Dual-Tone delivers a raucous 24 watts via a matched pair of 6973 power tubes and a custom designed 12" Supro DT12 speaker.


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MSRP: Old Price $1,595.00 Discounted Price $1,199.00 Save : $396.00 (25%)
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MSRP: Old Price $1,595.00 Discounted Price $1,199.00 Save : $396.00 (25%)
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The “Dual-Tone” 1x12" combo amplifier is the undeniable rock star of the mid 60’s Supro amplifier lineup. Vintage 1624T amps have been sought-after for decades because they embody the most desirable aspects of the Supro sound. As the Dual-Tone’s volume knob is turned beyond noon, a fat and compressed clean tone evolves into an immediately recognizable grind that remains articulate and listenable even when turned up to full blast.

This 24-Watt, 1x12" tube combo can easily be driven to glorious saturation at a manageable gigging volume while retaining exceptional clarity and bandwidth, at any level of gain. This amp’s unique mojo is largely defined by the use of 6973 power tubes in the amplifier’s output stage. These robust 9-pin tubes were employed extensively in the mid- and low-power Supro amps made 50 years ago. 6973 tubes look like EL84s but they deliver a distinctly American voice that has been missing from the world of tube amplifiers for far too long.

The Dual-Tone’s linkable channels each sport volume and tone controls as well as a shared tremolo circuit. Plugging into IN 1+2 links both preamp channels in parallel for double the input signal and double the gain. This clever topology lets you hit the power amp as hard as necessary and even allows “channel switching” in its purest form, using a simple A/B switch.

The 1964 reissue Supro Dual-Tone’s vintage-correct, lightweight cabinet—combined with our breathtaking custom 12" Supro speaker—kicks out surprisingly plump low end with all the detailed midrange and high end articulation that defines the Supro tone players have been chasing for decades. In an effort to recreate the musical glory of the original Supro amplifiers, Supro has partnered with Eminence to bring you a series of USA-made speakers unlike anything else available today. Using a recipe that includes a specially wound voice coil, ceramic magnet and lightweight stiff paper cone, the custom speakers found in Supro amplifiers deliver vintage American tone, with far more power handling, superior efficiency and nice firm bottom.

Loud enough to gig with a band, yet easy to haul around town, the Supro Dual-Tone is the perfect small club and recording amplifier. This amp has the long lost tone, so Ramble On down to a Supro dealer near you and Bring It on Home.

For years folks have claimed that the Supro 1624T is the “Page” amp, and for all intents and purposes, it is. The actual amp used by Jimmy Page to record the first two Led Zeppelin albums as well as the solo for Stairway to Heaven from Led Zeppelin IV,  was actually a modified 1962 Supro 1690T Coronado. In the early sixties, the Supro 1624T and 1690T both shared the same 6973-based power section. The understanding is that Page put a 12” speaker baffle on his ’62 1690T Coronado, effectively turning it into a 1624T.

  • All-tube Supro circuit
  • 2 Channels with Parallel Link
  • Tube Tremolo with footswitch jack
  • 24 Watts
  • 2x 6973 power tubes
  • 4x 12AX7EH preamp tubes
  • 1x12 "Supro DT12 speaker
  • Blue Rhino Hide tolex
  • Assembled in NY, USA
  • Vintage design by Valco
  • Re-engineered by Bruce Zinky & David Koltai
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 23 5/8" x 16" x 10 1/2"
  • Weight: 34 lbs

Get your Supro Dual-Tone 1x12" Guitar Combo Amp today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

    Guitar Amplifier

sounds good.


I have a similar looking supro that I bought around 1969 with a 15 inch Jenson speaker and this amp sound similar.

retro man





What a fabulous amp. I have quite a collection of amps and this is truly my new favorite. For classic rock and blues there is none better out there. This amp is truly a tone monster at a very reasonable price. Forget the boutique amps go with the Supro dual tone. Controls are simple but ultimately useful. Two channels with vol and tone on each plus tremolo. This amp has that tone heard on so many classic albums that is just not attainable with most production amps out there. Pure, fabulous vintage tone. Beyond the great tone what I love about the amp is how it is incredibly sensitive to input signal. Crank up the volume on the amp and use the guitar volume to switch between rhythm and lead - none of my amps do this as well This amp has a very interesting power tube not seen on other amps currently made. This is probably part of the magic of this amp. It is well constructed and needs no upgrades so there are no hidden costs, a great deal and best of all made in the United States. Just awesome!!


Rhode Island


A True American Original SOUND


Great amp! Finally a totally unique and previously un-available American amp sound is back! The dual tone uses the 6973 tubes to provide a sound that has not been available in a new production amp in over 50 years! If your into classic rock and blues you need to hear this amp! The cleans are fantastic and the overdrive is harmonically rich and ill-tempered. This is a performance style amp and is designed to used on stage and in a band situation. The amp is nice and lightweight and easy to carry around. The controls are really simple with volume and tone controls for two separate inputs and a sublime sounding tremolo. Input 1 is actually wired in parallel with the second channel and allows for really interesting tones and overdriven sounds. Best of all this high quality tube amp is made right here in the USA on Long Island, NY. Unlike many boutique amps that are out of reach for many working musicians or hobbyists the entire Supro line remains ultra affordable and does not compromise on quality. This is a must try and a must buy! this is a real world hands on product review. I am a staff reviewer at Sam Ash Music.

John @ Huntington

Huntington, NY


Truly amazing amp!


I have waited and waited and waited for these to arrive and I am extremely happy with them. These breathe pure tone. Don't let the single tone control fool you, it has a lot of range. Channel 1 blends both channels including both tone controls. Channel 2 is pure Supro tone. This is very useful. Early ZZ Top, Led Zep, Albert King, ACDC for sure and just about any late 60's and 70's rock sound. Save the money and bypass most boutique brands. You can buy 2 different models and still be less than most other brands. The Thunderbolt would be a good match if you want to switch between 2 amps. Buy it, you will not regret it. I have $3k amps that are not all that impressive any longer since I bought this one.


DFW Texas


Bring it on home...


I picked up my new Supro 1624T dual-tone at Sam Ash Indy last week. The only Music store (big or small) to have one in stock anywhere in the Midwest. As a huge blues and early Zep fan the amp was simply a must have. Wow, this baby is the real deal. It's a total plug and play beauty. Well built in NY, these launch models are incredible. The mid range is better than any Marshall, Fender or Boutique amp out there. The trem is classic Southside Chicago. You can play clean notes with the amp dimed and add the break up by controlling pick attack and your guitars volume control. Now of course you can add pedals but you may only need a boost for the overdrive. The breakup is so thick and LOUD I'm pulling my overdrive pedal off my board. Here's the crazy part, my 1972 Fender Tele Custom sounds as good as my 1998 Les Paul Standard DC. Run your collection through the Dual-Tone....you will find new magic.

Big Daddy

Carmel, IN


1624T Dual-Tone 1x12" Combo Guitar Amp

5.0 5


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