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Guitar Triller GT-1 String Instrument Effect Tool


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The Guitar Triller successfully splices the DNA of Tom Morello, Eddie Van Halen and Frank Zappa into the picking hand of every Guitar Player.

Guitar Triller is inspired by the art of String Striking and the quest for new sounds and techniques for creating contemporary and experimental music. Similar to a dulcimer hammer, The Guitar Triller is used bounces on the strings to produce a verity of interesting sounds that can be used for playing many styles of music. Guitar Triller is designed to be held in the right hand of the musician and used to produces a unique range of sounds which resemble Hammered Dulcimers, Flanger Pedals, Delays and Echo, Harps, Ring Modulators, Harmonic Overtone Exciters, Sustainers, Compressors, Steel Drums and many other percussive sounds that are usually only accessible by using pedals and effect processors. Guitar Triller is perfect for use with all types of Guitars, Bass Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles, and any other fretted string instruments.

Guitar Triller is designed to give the player maximum control of all its features. In Lead and Rhythm Positions, the central focus is the bouncing effect which can be used to playing single note melodies or full 6 string chords. The Pick Position can be used similar to a standard guitar pick but with a Major Twist. The picking angle of the Guitar Triller is Perpendicular which offers much more overtones, new tapping and sliding features, single hand note stomping, and a stellar new approach to lightning fast sweep picking. Use Guitar Triller alongside your picks, fingers, slides and pedals to get the full scope of the guitar playing experience.

Lead Position
Lets you play one or two strings at a time or brush across them all. Used by holding the divot between the middle and pointer fingers with the hammer head facing the strings. Use to arpeggiate, trill, harp, tremolo, bounce and solos.                         

Rhythm Position
Lets you play all six strings at once or less as you choose. Used by holding the divot between the middle and pointer finger with the flat back facing the strings. Use to play dynamic chords, percussive mutes, rapid octaves, chord stomps, and rhythms.   

Pick Position
Lets you play like a traditional pick but with a major twist and some exciting new features. Used by holding the hammer head like you would hold a pen between the thumb, middle and pointer finger with the hammer head tip facing the strings. Use for picking, taping, scraping, and note sliding with percussive and bright harmonic overtones.

  • Easy to start using, for all levels, and all styles
  • Dozens of new guitar sounds and playing techniques
  • Great on Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Ukulele, Banjo, and other string instruments.
  • Create Natural delay, flanger, Tremolo, harp and Dulcimer like sounds, with percussion and harmonic overtones on any Guitar
  • 3 distinct holding positions: Lead Position, Rhythm Position and Pick Position

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Its so FUN!!!


This is fun and functional device for stringed instrument players who are looking to expand on their sounds and playing styles. At a glance it looks a lot like a dulcimer hammer, but you can actually use this to play as a pick, a single string hammer, multiple string hammer. The possibilities are endless!




Make Your Own Interesting Effects On Guitar!


This little guy is what you need if you are looking to get crazy/interesting/amazing sounds out of your guitar. Depending on how you use it, you can create your own effects sounds like delay, flanger, Tremolo, harp and Dulcimer like sounds. This is a must if you are looking for crazy sounds from your guitar!

Gerald @ Sam Ash #56

Cincinnati, OH


I'm thrilled!


Joking aside, I had to buy this after my friend sent me a video of him playing a pad-like part through some delay and reverb and it sounded so cool. I'd never heard anything like that so I had to buy it!




Great new way to play guitar


A very unique take on the guitar pick, the guitar triller is a great gift for any guitar player as it is sure to open any player to an array of new and different ways to play. Compatible with any guitar type; you can play this with a uke, electric guitar, acoustic and a bass. Utilizing its three hand playing positions, you can make natural delays, flangers, and all different types of sounds

Darius T

Edison, NJ


Very Cool New Invention


The Guitar Triller is a very cool new tool, expanding the way guitarist are able to pick and strum, and adding all kinds of new sounds. It is especially useful in recording situations adding to the soundscape options available to a guitarist. Try one today!




Great gift for a guitar player!


The guitar triller is an interesting little tool. Use it to make unique and strange sounds on your acoustic or electric. It's great to have if you want to try getting a completely different sound out of your instrument or just looking for some versatility and inspiration! Get yours today!




Very unique tool


The Guitar Triller is the perfect toy for any guitar or bass player that is looking to create a unique sound that it completely different from any traditional way of playing. This one tool gives you three very different ways to play your instrument. From playing guitars to individual notes the Guitar Triller allows you to create a unique modulation effect without the need of any pedals.


Edison, NJ

An odd little toy


This is a hammer action plectrum for guitar, it turns your guitar in effect into a hammer dulcimer. You can use it in three ways. First, striking with the hammer head, which will strike two or three strings. You can get some interesting effects by playing with the bounce. Second, striking with the flat back, which will strike all strings (make sure your angle is parallel to the strings). This will make a simultaneous attack, a chord without strumming. Third, you can grip it near the top and use it more like a normal pick. It will be great for a percussive guitarist. The tone it makes is bright and punchy, but might be an odd technique for a traditionalist. Great for experimenting with, and creating new sounds. Those with disabilities, arthritis, or weak grip might consider using it as a pick they can hold with all your fingers.


Fox River Grove IL


It Does it All!


Here is a fun tool for those looking to expand their own personal soundscape on any stringed instrument. In one tool you can make hammer dulcimer sounds, use it as a heavy plectrum, use it as a slide, and so much more. It's a quick and easy way to widen your horizons for any instrument, but absolutely wonderful specifically for guitar!


Indianapolis, IN


GT-1 String Instrument Effect Tool

4.6 9


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