Glyph Triplicator Backup Appliance

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Triplicator makes your job easier. When you need to copy your critical data to multiple drives, Triplicator saves time & effort by doing the copies in a single action.Copy through the Triplicator, identical data will be copied to all the target drives.
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Use the Triplicator the same as any regular hard drive on your computer. Connect up to three drives of your choice via FireWire 800, USB or eSATA. When you copy data to the Triplicator, the data will be copied to all those drives at the same time, protecting your data.

Once you are done working with the drives, you can unmount the volume just like any external drive, and connect the target drives individually to a computer. You will see that the same data is on each drive.

How it works…
The Triplicator can be connected to the computer via eSATA, FireWire or USB using any of the ports marked "computer connections". The target drives are connected to the Triplicator via eSATA cables only, using the ports marked "eSATA drive 1", "eSATA drive 2", etc. The Triplicator supports any eSATA connected drives, including the Glyph Studio, Studio mini, StudioRAID, StudioRAID mini…

Watch what happens…
Triplicator's user interface also keeps you informed while it copies. A button in the front panel protects you from accidentally initializing any drives. The first time you power on the Triplicator, the blue LED blinks to indicate that button press is required. When you press that button, the drives initialize and the blue LED stays lit.  A volume soon appears on your computer for you to format with your operating system utility, and you're ready to go. After the Triplicator has initialized the drives, the red LED pattern blinks to show how many are attached. If there are none or if a drive disappears during operation, the LED goes solid red.

It gets even easier…
After you have created a Triplicator drive set and copied data to the drives, the Triplicator and drives can be powered off and on. On power up, the Triplicator will discover and mount the previously created drive set. This allows you to work with the Triplicator as you would any other drive, while at the same time having your data present on up to three hard drives.

  • Simultaneously makes up to 3 redundant backups to eSATA drives
  • Connects to host computer via USB 2.0, Firewire, or eSATA
  • Internal universal power supply -- no wall wart
  • Multi-Color LED Indicator
  • Fan Cooled

(Computer & External Drives not included)

Things You Will Get:

Triplicator Backup Appliance
2x Firewire cables
1x USB cable
3x 1.5M eSATA cables
1x 3M eSATA cable
Model Number TRIP-02
Model .Triplicator Backup
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