Gibraltar “Turning Point” Grabber Cymbal Arm

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GIBRALTAR’s “Turning Point” Grabber Cymbal Arm mates a very convenient and practical cymbal arm with the great new “Swing Nut” auto cymbal tilter. Get it from Sam Ash Direct for the lowest price with fast, Free Shipping!
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GIBRALTAR’s Turning Point Grabber Cymbal Arm is another great way to add splash, crash or effects cymbals to your set up without adding another tripod cymbal stand. The grabber clamp mounts directly to the tube of your existing cymbal stand, hi-hat stand or tom mounts. The other end of the grabber clamp has a fine geared adjustment to position the 18-inch, 12.7mm boom rod. The brake style tilter has a gearless adjustment for precise positioning.

Once positioned, use the drum key lock to lock it in. Then mount your cymbals quick and easy with the new “Swing Nut” auto cymbal tilter. No wing nuts to turn (or drop and lose and have to replace!) Just press down on the spring, swing the nut, and mount your cymbal, simple and easy. The Swing Nut’s collar and spring maintains the precise amount of “swing” or free motion of the cymbal right where you set it.

You won’t find an add-on cymbal holder as convenient and foolproof as this!

Get your GIBRALTAR “Turning Point” Grabber Cymbal Arm from Sam Ash Direct today, with fast, free shipping at the guaranteed lowest price. Sam Ash Direct gives you the security of more than 87 years of experience, 24/7 customer support and the Sam Ash Direct 45/60 day return / price protection policy. You cannot go wrong!

Things You Will Get:

  • Grabber Cymbal Arm
  • Model Number SC-GCA-TP
    Model SCGCATOP
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