GFI Musical Instruments S-12 P K U Ultra Pedal Steel Guitar (Single Neck 12 String with Pad, 7 Pedals, 5 Knee Levers)

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The GFI S-12 P K U is a single-neck, 12-string pedal steel guitar. It's set up to accommodate 12 string "Universal" tuning. This tuning combines elements of the E9 and C6 into one 12 string "universal" tuning. This first class professional single neck pedal steel guitar is set up on a double neck body with a pad for your hands with the standard "Nashville" E9 tuning. The first three pedals and all the knee levers work on the E9 tuning. When you engage the E to E flat knee lever the pedal steel becomes a B6 tuning by dropping the E's of the E9 and thinking of the bottom 9 strings as a classic 6th tuning in the key of B. Pedals 4 through 7 are classic C6 changes and all the Western swing and classic Jazz sounds are there! The knee levers operate while playing either tuning. With a little practice, you can buy and read standard C6 tablature (it will be in the key of B) as well as E9 tab. You can play E9 licks and instantly be in 6th mode by simply engaging a knee lever and thinking in B6 mode. Truly the best of both worlds in one neck!

The GFI S-12 P K U features the pro "all pull" changer. For each string there are three fingers that are connected which end up moving the string and changing its pitch. The first is a stainless steel finger that the ball end of the string is hooked through and rides over. The other two are stamped steel fingers that are riveted together, one for raises and one for lowers that the pull rods will go through and the nylon nuts will be pushing. Due to the way the three fingers are connected and pivot on an axle and the rivet between the two stamped fingers, the same motion direction of the pull rods can accomplish both raises and lowers. The string tension makes the two stamped fingers rest against a steel stop plate which is the foundation point of the open strings. All of the open pitches are tuned by the keys and all of the raises and lowers are fine tuned with the nylon nuts as the pedal or knee lever is engaged.

The frames and most metal body parts of the GFI S-12 P K U are epoxy-coated. This provides a hard protective coating that eliminates the need for polishing. Ultra frames, pedal boards, key heads and necks are brush finished and coated with a clear epoxy. The frames are inlaid and the body tops are covered with a long-lasting scratch-resistant mica type material. All aluminum parts are extruded and machined. No castings are used. GFI uses only stainless steel screws for assembly. Pull rods and pedal rods are made from stainless steel.

The GFI S-12 P K U Ultra features the GFI-II pickup. It is comparable to a slightly heavier version of the E-66. The GFI-II provides a full frequency range with excellent clarity and note separation. All GFI pickups are double coil humbuckers made by George "L" to exacting specifications.

The S-12 P K U Ultra also features the GFI Keyless Tuning System. Tuning knobs remain level. Twin shafts provide a perfectly balanced leverage ratio. No tools are required for tuning, however, a Phillips screwdriver is required when changing strings (no more lost Allen wrenches). Fine tuning is much more precise than with keys. Available lever movement is more than twice the amount required for a more than adequate safety margin. No roller nut is required as there is no measurable movement at the nut. The problem of returning to pitch when raising and lowering the same string is virtually eliminated.

Keyless Tuning has many advantages. When using keys for tuning, the excess string length needed to reach the keys from the nut absorbs vibration, taking energy from the main body of the string and decreasing sustain. This is eliminated with Keyless Tuning. Pedal and knee lever travel is decreased since there is less string to stretch. Pedal and knee lever action also feels more solid. The length of the instrument is shorter, therefore stronger, minimizing detuning while pressing pedals. Strings break less frequently since less movement of the bridge cam is required to acquire the same pitch. Undesirable overtones created by the excess string length are also eliminated with the keyless system. These overtones are detrimental to the pure tone of the instrument, as they will vary with string gauge, string length beyond the nut, and the location of the bar on the strings.


  • Maple Die Board Body with Mica Finish
  • Brushed Aluminum Frame Finish with Clear Coating
  • Keyless Tuning System
  • Arm Pad for Comfort
  • 24" Scale
  • 3 Raise and 2 Lower Changers with Stainless Steel Fingers
  • Adjustable Lowering Springs
  • 7 Position Bell Cranks
  • Deflection Minimizing Crossrod Bearing Caps with Teflon Bushings
  • GFI-II Pickup
  • Hardshell Gray Carpet Covered Case Included
  • Denim Leg Bag Included

Order your S-12 P K U Ultra Pedal Steel Guitar with Hardshell Case from Sam Ash Direct today with the security of our 45/60 day return/price protection policy, and be sure to take advantage of our fast, free shipping.

Things You Will Get:

  • Pedal Steel Guitar
  • Hardshell Gray Carpet Covered Case
  • Denim Leg Bag
  • Model Number S-12 PKU-BLK
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