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Fulltone CS-MDV-3 Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe 3 Guitar Effects Pedal

An exact clone of one of the most legendary vibrato pedals in a convenient wah pedal-style housing: the Fulltone CS-MDV-3 Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe 3 Guitar Effects Pedal.


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MSRP: Old Price $279.00 Discounted Price $237.17 Save : $41.83 (15%)
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MSRP: Old Price $279.00 Discounted Price $237.17 Save : $41.83 (15%)
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Every guitarist knows that every inch on your pedalboard is precious, so when you have a chance to save some extra real estate without sacrificing authentic tone and quality, you have to take it! Lo and behold the Fulltone CS-MDV-3 Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe 3 Guitar Effects Pedal, which offers an exact clone of one of the most legendary vibrato pedals in a convenient smaller-than-your-standard-wah-pedal housing. Delivering that lush, organic sound made famous by the one and only Univibe, the Mini DejaVibe 3 comes equipped with a Fulltone-manufactured a dual speed pot with a gear on it like a wah-wah pot with a special taper, just as the original units. The difference between them is the resistance is raised for improved slow speeds as well as double screen the carbon composition track for long-lasting performance. The true-bypass footswitch is conveniently located at the heel-end of the pedal so that if you change speeds often, the footswitch can be easily activated or turned off with your heel. If you like to keep your speed in one position, no problem! Just use your toe to step on the footswitch. Dressed in a handsome Hammertone Blue powder coat finish, the CS-MDV-3 also boasts white lettering and a blue LED that pulsates to the beat of the rhythm.


  • Four glass covered/hermetically-sealed photocells and an incandescent bulb on the circuit board, based on actual '60s photocells.
  • 18V operation for substantial headroom (power supply included)
  • Completely discrete electronics with no OPAMPS in audio path using New Old Stock (N.O.S) Panasonic Matsushita 2SC828 transistors for all stages, and the same metal-can 2SC539 transistor as original Univibes had for the preamp

Get your Fulltone CS-MDV-3 Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe 3 Guitar Effects Pedal today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar Effect Pedal
  • Power Supply

You want da Juice? This thing has da Juice.


This guys at Fulltone did a bang-up job with this monster. Based on the original Shin-ei circuit, this vibe gives players all the swirl, throb, and JUICE they could ever need all while seamlessly integrating the effect in its own rock solid expression pedal. The depth, volume, and switching controls are straightforward and very sturdy. I havent meddled with the internal trim pots yet because the effects sound great straight from the factory. The Mini DejaVibe 3 is definitely one of the best classic vibe effects pedals available and is a great value for the price.



CS-MDV-3 Custom Shop Mini DejaVibe 3 Guitar Effects Pedal

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Series Custom Shop
Model CS-MDV-3

Fulltone Warranty Information

Warranty Info:

Fulltone products carry a 5 year Limited Warranty to the original owner with proof of purchase that the product was bought from an Authorized Fulltone Dealer. This includes the footswitch. There is no need to register the product, simply keep a copy of your original sales receipt. If there is a technical issue please do not call. Instead, go to https://www.fulltone.com/contact/fulltone-repair-process.

Fine Print: Fulltone Warranties cover product failure due to "normal use" and manufacturer error, and does not cover user-abuse, modifications done by anyone other than Fulltone, accidents, water damage, damage done by customer plugging into the wrong wall voltage or from the customer plugging his/her device into the wrong power supply polarity! Warranty does not cover any damage done to equipment that has been connected to Fulltone's products. Fulltone determines what constitutes "normal use" and also makes the determination as to whether the claim is "Warranty covered,"not the Dealer or the customer. Fulltone Musical Products Inc. is not responsible for and injuries and/or damages related to the use of their products.

Power Supplies: 5 year free replacement to original owner purchased through authorized Dealer. Note: FPS-1 (9VDC - center) and FPS-3 (18VDC - center) are almost extinct and will be replaced by the IPS-9 and IPS-18 in the product line, or in case of a warranty replacement in the future. FPS-2 (9VDC, + center) does not carry a warranty and will not have a warranty replacement.

Tape Carts (ETC-1 & ETC-2) 3 months: Limited Warranty: Fulltone guarantees the ETC-1 & ETC-2 tape cart to run for 3 months from date of installation only under the following conditions:
1) proof the cart was properly installed on a clean, well-maintained Fulltone TTE or SSTE by making a clear, close-up video of the Tape cart running after the install. Keep this video on file in case of any problems. This video will help us diagnose any other problems as well.
2) The cart must not have been damaged due to user-error. We will make the determination as to what constitutes "user-error."

Batteries: are not Warranty-covered.

Tubes: 3 months

Customer Troubleshooting: Warranty support is entirely dependent on the Customer's willingness to assist in troubleshooting. The customer agrees to furnish a clear video (cellphone video ok) representing the problem at hand, and we have provisions on our website to upload such videos. Refusal to submit such help or a video will result in instant disqualification for repair assistance. 90+% of "My pedal is broken... I want a new one NOW" emails result in the discovery that the item was either plugged in backwards, dead battery, the wrong power supply was used, another pedal in the customer's chain is actually the culprit, or the customer doesn't understand how to operate the device and how it's supposed to sound.

Shipping: Customer is responsible for all shipping costs unless there are extraordinary circumstances and Fulltone decides otherwise. This decision is made only by Fulltone, not the Dealer or Customer. There are no shop visits or drop-offs unless cleared & scheduled in advance. All items must be shipped to Fulltone via FedEx, UPS, US Mail, & DHL. We strongly recommend the customer follow the companies' packing guidelines to assure that they have recourse should the item become damaged during shipment. Fulltone is not responsible for any lost or damaged items during before, during, or after the shipping process.

Please click the link above for additional warranty information.

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