FJH Music Everybody'sStrum & Play Guitar Chords-Book + CD

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Everybody's Strum &Play Guitar Chords teachesthe elementary guitar studentthe art of strumming and fingerpickingchords by using the "Step-By-StepApproach" of Everybody'sGuitar Method. This 64page book provides the "missinglink" that guitar teachershave been searching for inguitar pedagogy for many years – the means to teachand motivate students intobecoming proficient accompanists.Both right and left-hand techniquesare introduced, enabling thestudent to feel confidentplaying chords.

The music includes traditionalfolksongs and standard favoritesfrom throughout the worldas well as original musicwritten expressively for thepedagogy of this book. Eacharrangement includes melody,chord names, and lyrics, andis readily adaptable for ensembleplaying. The student is encouragedto learn both the chords andthe melody whenever possible.Tablature is introduced inorder to help students learnnew music faster and moreaccurately.

A new feature in the Everybody'sSeries is "Chord Chops",a fun introduction to popularand rock chord progressions.These easy-to-learn and fun-to-playchord progressions give thestudent an opportunity tolearn interesting intros,endings, riffs, and professionallysounding music to perform.

Includes recordings to assistthe student in the importantskill of accurate rhythm whenstrumming
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