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ESP LTD Alexi 200 Electric Guitar


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Discounted Price $599.00
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The ESP LTD Alexi 200 delivers the look and styling of the Alexi Laiho signature guitar in a value-priced, bolt-on instrument. The shape of the Basswood Alexi body gives you total access to the 24-fret, Rosewood fingerboard. Equipped with a locking, Floyd Rose Licensed tremolo, a single EMG-ESP LH-300 humbucker pickup and a single volume control. The Maple neck is offered in a thin "U" shape and sports sawteeth inlays. This no-nonsense axe features black nickel hardware, sealed ESP-LTD tuners, and bound neck and headstock. Case not included.   

    •  Construction: Bolt-On
    •  Scale: 25.5”
    •  Body: Basswood
    •  Neck: Maple
    •  Fingerboard: Rosewood
    •  Nut Type: FR Locking
    •  Nut Width: 42mm
    •  Neck Shape: Thin U
    •  Inlays: Sawteeth
    •  Frets: 24 XJ
    •  Binding: White (Neck & Headstock)
    •  Hardware: Black Nickel
    •  Tuners: ESP-LTD
    •  Bridge / Tailpiece: Floyd Rose Licensed Tremolo
    •  Pickups: EMG-ESP LH-300
    •  Electronics: 1 Volume

Things You Will Get:

  • LTD Alexi 200 Electric Guitar

Great for the money


Okay for this guitar....for the money, its a great way to start to see if you like the floating tremelo systems or not. I've had this guitar for about two years I believe, and its been good to me. The one thing that I would definetely switch is the pickup. The pickup does not do very good pinch harmonics and stuff. I guess one other thing is to switch the tremelo to an original floyd rose. Other than that, like I said before, it's a great guitar for the money.


Ft. Lauderdale




AWESOME! NO CONS! ITS METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALEXI LAIHO!




A Sick Guitar


When I first picked the thing up, it immediatly felt good. I loved the way it sounded, but it does have some flaws. The pickup for example is pretty weak. It can't handle pinch harmonics too well, so I suggest to buy yourself a much heavier pickup after getting th thing. I suggest a Seymour Duncan Blackout bridge pickup. Another thing that really stinks is that the floyd bridge is way too stiff, so whammy tricks take extra effort to achieve. Beides these flaws, this guitar is an amazing piece of work. It has a beautiful body design and the fret-diamonds (inlays) are sick razor-edged triangles. If your a metalhead, you need to get this guitar!


Charlotte, NC


Killer guitar, must buy!!


I already wrote a review for this awhile back, like a few months ago, but I have an update. I have had this guitar since August 16,2008 (this year), the pickup was good at the time coupled with the Roland Cube 15X. After awhile, you'll get tired of the pickup, since it is a passive pickup. Because it is a passive pickup, you won't get the aggressive tone you might be looking for, it will be hard to do harmonics (pinch harmonics for example), the stock pickup just can't handle it. So, after you get acquainted with the guitar after a couple of months, I suggest switching the pickup. My choice of pickup is the Seymour Duncan Blackout (active bridge pickup). For one, it sounds awesome, and it will make a HUGE difference in your sound (to put simply, it is a HUGE leap forward). Everybody uses EMG 81, it is good, but in my opinion, Seymour Duncan Blackout (active bridge pickup) will make this guitar sound better than the Alexis with an EMG. Another thing is the Floyd Rose, it is a Licensed Floyd Rose (not an original FR), meaning it is lower in quality than an original Floyd Rose. To me, it seems a bit stiff, so it will be hard to do whammy bar tricks or whammy harmonics. If you can find an Original Floyd Rose, and if you can replace it, do so, it'll make a big difference in my opinion. *Note- Changing strings on a Floyd Rose is a bit challenging, and doing a set-up. Make sure you follow every, single step when changing the strings, especially if you switch from lighter gauge strings to heavier gauges, take it from me. Follow all of the steps, that includes adjusting the spring claws to make sure the Floyd Rose bridge is leveled.

Black Wolf

Queens, NY


ESP LTD Alexi-200


This guitar is a good intermediate player's guitar. I is really easy to play and versatile. The major problem I have with it is its stock pickup. yuk. I play nothing but metal and the pickup is not cutting it. I'm upgrading to a Dimarzio X2N soon and will have a great tone. But the pickup replacement is a must!!


Irvine, CA


Great guitar


Great guitar. Ive had this guitar for about a year and a half and I thought I should write a review. Well lets start off with its tuners. They arent the best but with its locking nut it stays in tune for months(with the help of the fine tunners on the bridge of course). Its neck isnt fat but its not super thin either so it has a great grip almost like that of a les paul but a little thiner. It has a pretty good pick up but i find it hard to do certain "wammy techniques" with the licensed floyed rose(for those of you who dont know thats not a good thing). The saw tooth inlays are beautiful with its rosewood neck. The bolt on neck kind of gets in the way on the last few frets or so. Its got a super fast neck for shredding or just easy playability. Also a few notes:If youve never owned a v put the arch on you leg to hold it(may take a little getting use to) and if youve never owned a locking trem for the love of god dont try to change your own strings your self. Its harder than it looks, much much harder.Plus You can get the service plan from samash when you buy it from them(and only them)for $30 more and they change your strings and give you a full setup on your guitar for three years(strings are not free)and most places that change strings on a locking trem charge like $40 so it pays for its self first string change.

Mikey Martin



Sweet guitar


This was the first guitar I've bought with a floyd rose bridge. Even though it's licensed however; it still plays really well and can flutter nicely (not as much as an original floyd, but is good enough). Only cons about it are that it's a bolt-on construction, making it a bit harder to hit that 24th fret and that it has a passive pickup making it a bit harder to hear out those pinch harmonics. Other than that, this guitar is extremely powerful with an incredible feeling to the neck and its playabilty(amazing for shredding). It has the smoothest neck of any guitar I have ever played thus far.


Eugene, OR


awsome V


All in all this is one bad axe. The bridge could be better. It looks sweet, sounds good' and feels good.Ive been playing it for about a year and a half and ive got to say its good guitar. If youve never played a v its something to get used to (put the arch on your leg) Its not a custom shop model but its worth the money.




Great Metal Guitar


This guitar is perfect for any Metal head. i play all types of metal and rock from The black Dahlia murder, metallica, disturbed, and they all sound great on this guitar. If you want a guitar that looks great and has the sound to back it up, this is your choice. for the price, you get a guitar that has a decent pickup, fast neck, awesome and fun to mess around with Floyd rodes style bridge. an overall great guitar to have for heavy players. only thing i would change is the pickup, if you get the emg-81 actives, you will find that it is an even better guitar.




Worth it.


I was planning on buying a Jackson Rhoads V and then I saw this, pulled it down off the wall and played for a few minutes...it felt great, super fast neck, looks wicked(love the sawtooth inlays!), I bought it pretty much right there! The only complaints I have really are the same with any odd shaped guitar, the case is retarded huge and heavy, and the placement of the strap buttons...you basically need straploks for a strap to stay on. A surprisingly excellent guitar at a bargain price!


The road, fool!


LTD Alexi 200 Electric Guitar

4.5 21


Series Signature Series
Model LTD Alexi 200 Electric Guitar
Warranty Info:

LTD Alexi 200 Electric Guitar

Your new ESP instrument is warranted to be free of any defects in materials and workmanship if used under normal operating conditions for the life of the original retail purchaser, subject to the limitations described below. This warranty is non-transferable and applies only to the original purchaser when product is purchased as NEW from an Authorized ESP Dealer. Electronic parts and guitar hardware are limited to a warranty period of one (1) year from date of purchase.

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