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EMG J Set Active Bass Guitar Pickups (Pair)


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MSRP: Old Price $219.99 Discounted Price $179.00 Save : $40.99 (19%)
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Sweeping harmonic overtones and clarity, the EMG-J has a full bodied sound that adds new dimensions to your bass playing. Whether you play fretted or fretless bass, you'll get incredible sound yet retain that traditional tone. The original Fender Jazz Bass* pickup is a long, tall, thin pickup. That's why it has such a distinctive tone. The winding length of the coil is about 6 inches per turn resulting in a pickup that has a high DC resistance compared to its inductance. Its aperture is small for long wavelengths so there's less low frequency punch and an accentuated mid-range howl.

The EMG-J Pickups on the other hand, have a very low ratio of resistance to inductance that increases the low frequency response yet the EMG-J still maintains the narrow aperture for that typical Jazz Bass tone. Instead of the side by side Pole pieces the EMG-J uses a single-pole crescent shaped magnetic field to complement the radiused fingerboard. The result is a balanced output across the strings, and a linear attack from note to note. In addition to its standard four string capability, the EMG-J allows adaptation to use five strings.

Recommended maximum overall string width, however, is 2.75 inches (70 mm). The EMG-J comes complete with a prewired harness including dual volume controls, master tone control, output jack, battery clip and pickup adjustment screws. Also available as a separate unit is the EMG-LJ, which is the longer of the two pickups in the EMG-J Set and is usually located in the bridge position.

Package Includes: EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect™ cables (2), prewired control set including 2 volume controls, master tone control, output jack, battery clip, and adjustment screws.

Things You Will Get:

  • 2 EMG-J Pickups
  • 2 Quik Connect Cables
  • Prewired control set including 2 volume controls
  • Master tone control
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip
  • Adjustment screws

Nice set, but...


I purchased this set a month ago and like it so much I got a second set for my other bass. Only the second set I got was not the "hardwired" set, which contains the prewired volume and tone controls. For some reason they sent me a "solderless" set, which contains wiring with quick-connect ends. The pickup wires were not long enough to reach from the neck pickup to the volume control. Also the instructions were conflicting - the text tells you to wire it one way and the illustration shows something completely opposite[...] although the part numbers for the second set was exactly the same as the first set they were still two different things. I also tried to contact EMG via phone and only got voicemail. So far I've yet to get a response. Same thing with their email support. No answer. So now my guitar is sitting in a corner completely gutted[...]. Although I liked the first set very much, I cannot give it an overall good rating due to inconsitency, poor manufacturer support,[...][...]




Very agressive!


I do not have this exact model. Mine have the magnets are exposed on mine. The tone and output is staggering! They can sing a baby to sleep, or shake the house to pieces! They pick up so many tones! With the settings on my amp, I can get almost any sound out of them. They can ruble like thunder, or scream like a banshee! They're beasts!

Emily Rem

Amherst MA


J Set Active Bass Guitar Pickups (Pair)

3.5 2


Series Bass
Model EMG-J Set
Warranty Info:

J Set Active Bass Guitar Pickups (Pair)

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for two years and labor for two years from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.