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Boss GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

The GT-100 comes fully equipped with mega multi-fx as well as next-generation amp modeling.


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MSRP: Old Price $749.99 Discounted Price $499.99 Save : $250.00 (33%)
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MSRP: Old Price $749.99 Discounted Price $499.99 Save : $250.00 (33%)
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The long-awaited follow up to the GT-10 has arrived. Meet the BOSS effects flagship, the GT-100, boasting next-generation amp modeling that recreates vintage amps as well as providing new COSM tones that soar into the future. The user interface has been improved with a unique dual-LCD system, and EZ TONE has been enhanced with newly designed AMP CUSTOMIZE and OD/DS CUSTOMIZE features which make finding that perfect sound that much easier. The BOSS GT-100 is a powerhouse processor that spans from classic to futuristic in a friendly, rugged, road-worthy unit.


  • Advanced COSM amps that model vintage amp tones and delivers never-before-heard tones
  • Dual-LCD for simple and intuitive operation with direct access to every parameter
  • Improved EZ Tone TONE feature with graphical TONE GRID for constructing new patches; AMP CUSTOMIZE and OD/DS CUSTOMIZE lets you easily create original amps and overdrive/distortion by customizing their behavior
  • Newly developed ACCEL pedal for simultaneous control of multiple parameters

Advanced COSM Amp: Beyond Vintage
With its next-generation COSM processor, the BOSS GT-100 ushers in a new era of expression and sonic capabilities. Recreating the meticulous details of vintage amps and how they behave, the GT-100 excels in not only cloning classic amps, but provides a new world of unimagined tones as well. The AMP CUSTOMIZE function lets you mutate classic amps beyond reality. Construct completely new, unimagined sounds!

Simple and Intuitive User Interface
The GT-100’s unique dual-LCD and eight-knob user interface provides fast access and intuitive control. There are no menus to navigate; every function is instantly available. The tone-customizing functionality has been improved as well. All patches, amps, and overdrive/distortions can be created from scratch and/or customized with the friendly graphical TONE GRID.

New Tonal Possibilities with the ACCEL Pedal
A new dimension of expression is available with the ACCEL pedal, which enables control of multiple parameters simultaneously, as well as time-variant effects such as FEEDBACKER, S-BEND, TWIST, etc. Experiment with creative combinations of parameters, interacting in real time with the pedal.

New A/B Channel Divide Function
Another notable new feature onboard the BOSS GT-100 is the versatile A/B Channel Divide. Assign different amps and effects to each channel, and divide the signal not only by dynamics, but by frequency as well, with each channel capable of driving its own effects and amps settings. The range of tonal possibilities gets wider, and wilder! Assign smooth, mild lead tones to the mid-to-high pitches, for example, and heavy, cutting tones to the lower notes.

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Things You Will Get:

  • GT-100 Effect Pedal
  • AC AdaptorOwner's Manual

Worth every penny


Amazing sounds, easy to program, quick To change different sounds. The looper is a lot of fun

Pauly c

Long Island




I use this with my Tweaker 88 and an Eleven rack I can get anything from super clean to metal. I own many amps and this completes my set up you can get any sound you want from VanHalen to Anthrax it just has so much to offer and the effects are awesome no tracking problems like the early boss gt 8 and gt 6 have . Try it you'll like it .

Mike Hunt



All the effects you need in one unit!


The GT-100 is a one stop shop. Every pedal you will ever want and need is in this amazing unit from Boss. You can easily switch from a killer metal overdrive sound directly to a fast acting delay to a smooth chorus and beyond in just a few pedal punches. Not having to route chords all over the place or adaptors is a HUGE plus as well! It does take some time to program the sounds you need but once you learn how its a breeze! I am a staff reviewer for Sam Ash.


Indianapolis, IN


Easy and Fun


I really like this effects pedal and it is real easy to use. The GT-100 has many effects and with the turn of a nob you can change the effect to fit your needs. Also, the rep answered all my questions and got the order placed and shipped with no problems. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to take there music to the next level. This is a real hands on product review from [email protected] Sam Ash Miami.


Miami, FL


We Have Liftoff!!


Tons of sound options. Very usefull at home, in the studio and at the gig. The amp modeling sounds great. From vintage sound to modern tones it has all you need. Does take a little time to master your way around, but once you understand it makes for a great effects pedal. This is a real product review from [email protected] Sam Ash Huntington.




Multi Effects That Don't Quit


This things is packed with so many effects and all are of the same quality that you'd find in their separate effects pedals. I own the bass version of this and never leave home without it! This is a real hands on product review from Big Jim at Sam Ash New Haven.

Big Jim

New Haven, CT


no need for an amp


All the sounds the boss gt100 produces amps and effect pedals are no longer needed. You can line out directly into a pa and with good monitors get any sound tone available. Amp models and effects pedal are built right in.




Sweet Guitar FX


Thing has everything... literally. Every great boss efffects pedal you can imagine, plus tons of amp models. You can hook this up to the front end of any amp, put it into the FX loop and use the FX, or you can use it the way I do in my cover band. I just put it on the floor, and run it into a DI box straight into the PA. The speaker emulators sound great. I've never met a guitar tone I couldn't replicate with it, and it sure beats lugging around a huge tube amp! This is a real hands on product review from Josh @ Sam Ash Canoga Park.

DJ Jazzy Josh

Canoga Park, CA


So many sounds


Boss has really packed every amp sound under the sun into this effects pedal. Any kind of amp from any kind of genre is available for you to make your own with intuitive and simple to use editing parameters. Get a huge metal tone and switch to a smooth chorus tone. It is all easy to get going and even more fun to use. This is a real hands on product review by Bryan of Sam Ash Dallas.


Dallas, TX


BOSS always makes the coolest stuff!


Coming from the perspective of a traveling musician of many years, I just can't say enough good things about this board. There has always been a difficulty trying to balance great guitar tone and "travel ready" Anyone who has been on the road or traveled overseas for a gig knows how important it is to save space and weight when traveling. BOSS has always stepped up their game every time they put out a new pedal board, and this time is no different! New features like the feedbacker and new controls for modifying amp tones internally have really made it easy to achieve an authentic sound without hauling around a ton of different amps, pedals, etc. This is also great for those who play in cover/tribute bands. You can pre-set all the tones you will need to make yourself sound just like the records. The carrying bag to fit this board is also only 50 bucks....always a major bonus when the case doesn't cost an arm and a leg. This is a real hands-on review from Bryan @ Sam Ash Ontario




GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

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Series GT
Model GT-100

Boss GT-100 Owner's Manual

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Warranty Info:

GT-100 Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

Effects pedals: 5 years parts, 3 years labor All other products: 1 year parts, 90 days labor

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