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Orange Amplification Crush Pro CR60C 60-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier

Perfect for those smaller club gigs, the Orange Amplification Crush Pro 60 CR60C 60-Watt 1x12" combo is one of the best-sounding solid state amps available!


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MSRP: Old Price $729.00 Discounted Price $549.00 Save : $180.00 (25%)

MSRP: Old Price $729.00 Discounted Price $549.00 Save : $180.00 (25%)
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The Crush Pro Series marks Orange's first foray into the realm of high powered, stage-ready solid state amplifiers. Taking its inspiration from the twin channel circuit in Orange's prestigious Rockerverb series, the Crush Pro range has been developed using high grade solid state components. At Orange, they have embraced this analogue technology and honed it to the point of perfection. The result is amplifiers that deliver the warm, rich tonal characteristics that have been Orange's hallmark from the very beginning, coupled with extraordinary levels of versatility and construction to match.

Orange's CR60C combo is a classic two channel 60 Watt 'grab and go' 1 x 12" combo, combining portability with an array of high class tones, perfect for club gigs. The internal Voice of the World speaker is the same driver found in our Tiny Terror and TH30 combos, blending vintage highs with a modern low end response. It's a speaker that really loves to be pushed, and one which we are very proud of.

The Clean channel is a vintage-inspired design, with plenty of sparkle. As the volume control increases, the amp begins to break up into bluesy crunch at higher settings with musical, touch sensitive overdrive. The overall output volume can then be reduced to 'bedroom levels' with global master volume. The Dirty channel takes its roots from the Rockerverb, covering a wide dynamic range with four stages of gain. Even at the limit, the Dirty channel remains tight and focused with sustain for days! Complete with professional details like a super transparent, fully buffered effects loop, footswitchable digital reverb (hall/spring/plate) and 18mm birch plywood construction, the CR60C will always perform, wherever your music takes you.

Get your Orange Amplification Crush Pro 60 CR60C 60-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier  today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar Combo Amplifier

It sounds amazing!!


Buying this amp was the decision i ever had to make!!



i would buy this again


right now it,s just a sthdio amp as I,m not getting out like the rest of the country, this amp loves my strat but I,m still dialing in my les paul . yes I would still buy this amp all over again ! GOD BLESS , Jamn Joe



Christmas Present


This is a Christmas present



I want them all!!!


This thing is amazing. Absolutely shreds. Best investment of the year!



Excellent all around Amplifier


The Crush Pro CR60C has excellent sound quality and is a great value, in addition, the Crush Pro CR60C Watt is versatile too. It is versatile with sound and power. The Crush Pro CR60C 60 Watt is an all around excellent amplifier.





Recently purchased this little monster because I needed a solid state amp that I could use as a secondary amp and reliable backup to my small tube combo. This is a two channel amp. The dirty channel has pre-amp, bass, mid, treble, and volume controls. The clean channel has bass, treble, and a volume channel. In addition, the amp has a master volume. Coupled with the master volume you can go into slightly broken up territory on the clean channel by cranking the volume. The clean channel can have lots of overhead if you set it up as such (volume down, master up). The dirty channel is very orange sounding. The preamp can go from mild grit to very distorted. Front this thing with a good OD, and you will find yourself instantly in sonic heaven. Orange recommends the Fulltone OCD overdrive, and I can see why. You can get very good hard rock tones with the CR-60 pre-amp set to about noon, fronted with a Fulltone OCD with the gain set to about 11 o'clock. The secret sauce here is the power amp. It responds very much like the Orange Rocker series tube power section. I'm not sure how Orange achieves this, suffice to say we are getting very close to solid state technology being sonically as good as tube amps. The amp sports a buffered effects loops that sounds great, as well as foot-switch jacks for both reverb and channel. The send, return, channel, and reverb jacks are all located on the bottom of the amp's head (as opposed to the back of the amp). I have mixed feelings on this. It's definitely harder to plug into them when they are located underneath, but it also works much better for placing the amp on a tilt back stand. I love that while this amp is solid state, its build quality is every bit as good as any tube amp I've owned (many over 20 years of playing). The Orange Voice of the World speaker does good at gig volumes, although I might try to throw a V30 into it, just to see how it does. Great amp. You won't be disappointed.




Great for studio work


Client requested this Orange for their sessions...Always loved the sound. Produced thousands of records over the years using many amps. This one will be my go to amp along with my Vox ac30, My marshall plexi, and the pthers I own...It's a"ll about the music we make" here at Granite Park Recorders!


Penryn, Ca


Perfect upgrade!


I use this mostly in my room or music room. Perfect size so I can move around. Has more than enough power and such a sweet full tone.




Great Orange tone for a small price!


If you want a cool, quality built combo that needs little maintenance this should be on the top of your list. Classic Orange tones in a simple to use package. This amp has great cleans and can roar with the best of them. Don't be fooled, the tone on this thing is for real. Orange was able to make the solid state circuit sing like a tube amp. Works great with pedals as well.

the pedal guru



Great Orange Amp!


The Orange Crush 60 amp packs a lot of power into a compact unit. Sixty watts of power sounds fantastic out of the 12" speaker in this combo. With both a clean and dirty setting, you can achieve a full range of tones to knock your socks off. Also, the reverb is a nice bonus! Staff reviewer from Sam Ash, Cleveland

Robert Schneider

Cleveland, Ohio


Crush Pro CR60C 60-Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo Amplifier

4.8 15


Amp Type Solid State
Channels 2
Watts 60
Reverb Yes
Other Features 1 x 12" 60-Watt 16 Ohm Voice of the World Speaker

Clean Channel: Volume, Bass and Treble

Dirty Channel: Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble and Gain

Global: Volume and Reverb

Extension Cabinet Options: 1 x 16 Ohm
Weight 44.64 lbs.
Dimensions 21.65 x 17.72 x 11.42 inches (WxHxD) - Unboxed
Series Crush Pro Series
Model Crush Pro CR60C
Warranty Info:

Orange Music Electronic Company Inc. (Orange USA) warrants that Orange Products purchased through an Authorised Dealer of Orange USA will be free from defects in parts and workmanship for an initial period of 1 year (365 days) from the date of purchase.

This Warranty shall be applicable when You present the Product along with the original sales receipt and/or proof of purchase.

What is Not Covered:

  • Damage caused by negligence, abuse, modification, improper use, incorrect voltages, incorrect polarity or the use of power supplies not recommended by Orange USA.
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This Warranty shall be effective from the date of purchase and cover the following Products and components for a period of:

  • Amplifiers, preamplifiers, effects pedals – 1 year, extendable* to 2 years
  • Speaker enclosures (cabinets) – 1 year, extendable* to 2 years
  • Valves (vacuum tubes) and Speakers in Orange Products or supplied by OMEC Ltd. – 90 days

*The Extended Warranty Period is only applicable if the USA Registration form is submitted prior to the expiry of the initial 1 year warranty which begins at the date of purchase. It is Your responsibility to submit this information and We shall not be liable nor do We accept any responsibility whatsoever for non-receipt of this information.

If a warranty or RMA claim is made within 90 days of the purchase date of the Product, Orange USA pays ground shipping both ways.

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The Warranty Service:

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For additional warranty information, please visit: https://orangeamps.com/usa-warranty-terms-and-conditions/

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