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Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic Compressor/Classic Amp Dual Effects Pedal


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Discounted Price $299.00
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The Double Classic is designed mimic the authentic Joe Walsh style and sound. This unique, one of a kind pedal, combines two essential circuits (Compressor & Classic Amp), which Joe uses in both live performances and studio recordings.

The Compressor in the JWDC allows you to control the dynamic range of your instrument. Unlike most stomp box compressors, the compressor in the JWDC has a very natural and musical sound – much like professional rack mounted compressors found in professional studios.

The Classic Amp was designed to simulate the classic tube amps that Joe has used over the years. The sound of these vintage amps is legendary and can be heard on countless recordings that Joe has made through out his career. The controls on a classic tube amp were designed to be simple and straight-forward and the same is true for the Classic Amp.

The Pre/Post switch allows you to place the compressor before or after the Classic Amp in the signal chain. With the switch in the “Pre” position (down), the compressor is placed before the Classic Amp. With the switch in the “Post” (up) position the compressor is placed after the Classic Amp in the signal chain.

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I have worked with this pedal for about a week now off and on and must say the compressor is a gem. Now before I say too much more about the JWDC I will admit I am an intermediate guitar player with limited knowledge concerning effects pedals however, after tinkering with this pedal literally for hours I could not get the "Joe Walsh" sound that I expected. The overdrive is too subtle IMO. I ended up coupling the pedal with an Ibanez Tube Screamer and am now getting closer to the sound I expected from the JWDC without having to use other effects pedals. Is it my incompetence or my amplifier or guitar, perhaps. I currently play an American Professional Standard Fender Strat through a Bugera V22 Infinium amplifier.



Analog Alien Joe Walsh Double Classic (JWDC)


This appears to be the first review of this product to date. I just received mine last evening and so have not had a chance to "test drive" it on all of my guitar and amp combinations yet but, so far, it sounds and works EXACTLY as advertised ! So far I have used it with a couple of my single coil pick-up Stratocasters. I still have some with Humbuckers and P-90's that I have yet to try. The amps I have used (both tube) were an Fender NOS Blues Junior (Tweed version) and a Marshall "Class 5". Both of those amps sound very different on their own but the settings on the JWDC allow the player to "smooth" out the stronger features of each amp - i.e. more bottom end bass on the Fender and more high end on the Marshall. This pedal allows you to do that through both the compression and overdrive settings. The EQ for both compressor and overdrive work very well on their own but are even better when both compressor and overdrive are activated. As the demonstrations have indicated this is not a "high" gain pedal. However, the sound is very true to amp and since it responds well to different guitars and amps it serves me well and I suggest would do the same for others. At it's price point it is certainly not the cheapest pedal on the market but I'm always pleased when I can say that the money spent was well worth it. I can definitely say that in this case. I can't wait to try it out with the remaining parts of my guitar and amp collection.


Brampton, Ontario CANADA


Joe Walsh Double Classic Compressor/Classic Amp Dual Effects Pedal

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