EBow EBow Plus Electronic Bow for Guitar

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The EBow Plus is a hand-held electronic bow for guitar. The small battery-powered unit replaces the pick in the right hand, allowing the guitarist to mimic strings, horns, and woodwinds with unbelievable sensitivity. The EBow Plus features a harmonic switch that produces a powerful infinite sustain, rich in harmonics. The harmonic switch can also emulate controlled feedback sounds, adding infininte expressive possibilities to your playing. The EBow Plus does its work on the string itself by Direct String Synthesis™, an energy field that vibrates and sustains your guitar string.

Powered by a 9-volt battery, the EBow is held in place of your pick, giving you instant access to violin, cello, flute and horn sounds as well as unique sounds of its own. Playing the EBow directly over the pickup will dramatically increase your volume, giving a sound similar to extremely high-output pickups. Conversely, moving away from the pickup gives you the mellow sound of a hollow body electric. The Ebow Plus gives you the power and wide tonal palette that is the equivalent of having a guitar synthesizer in the palm of your hand.

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Things You Will Get:

  • EBow Plus
  • Model Number PLUS-E-BOW
    Model EBow Plus
    Series None
    Power Supply Included No
    Battery Powered No