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Dunlop Ultex Jazz III XL, Multi-Pack

Light weight & smooth feel with an XL profile


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Discounted Price $2.99 to $9.99

Discounted Price $2.99 to $9.99
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The Cult of Jazz III has just inducted its newest member. Long requested by Jazz III disciples, the Ultex Jazz III XL combines the light weight and smooth feel of Ultex with the superior control, speed, and definition provided by the Jazz III XL shape. The larger XL profile is perfect for players who prefer a more standard-sized pick. These picks feature a molded edge for a super quick release.

  •    Light weight & smooth feel
  •    Superior control, speed, and definition
  •    Larger XL profile
  •    Gauge - 1.38mm

Dunlop Item No. 427XL
427XLP - Ultex® Jazz III XL, 6 Pack
427XLR - Ultex® Jazz III XL, 24 Pack

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Things You Will Get:

    Multi Pick Pack

My favorite pick!


My go to pick, it never disappoints!!



Just what I needed.


These are great! I appreciate how sturdy of a grip they have because of the printed words. I also am a collector of vintage instruments. These definitely match my collection, as they have an antique vibe w/ their translucent yellow color. I'm using them for my ukulele and banjolele, and they've been so much better than the slippery plastic picks I've used in the past! Would recommend.



A pick you won't lose!!!


I'm used to tiny jazz picks and I'm used to giant metal picks, these found a sweet spot, best of both worlds. Sam ash employee saw what I was using and recommended these, since then I bought 6 or 7 packs. They last forever but I wanna make sure I don't run out!





They're my favorite picks, and only Sam Ash carries them. Thanks!



Addictive Picks


I don't want to touch any other picks after using these, I rarely drop them and the feel perfect to me.



a new favorite pick


I love these picks. Ultex sounds great. That may seem crazy but people have done comparison videos showing the different sound each of the common pick materials make, and Ultex is pretty good in not introducing extra noise. It is a great size and shape for me. I like trying out different picks and "my favorite" changed over the years, to where I have a few favorites or near favorites. These are new to me and right up there tied for first.



Great pick, great price!


There's a few great guitarists that use the Jazz III pick, I thought I'd give it a whirl. They are amazing. I didn't think a pick would make that big of a difference in my playing. While picking fast, I don't get 'hung up' on the strings as much. While picking/strumming slow, it feels like butter and is easy to articulate. I ordered from Sam Ash and the shipping was VERY fast. I'm quite impressed. For something as simple as a pick, I've had a very positive experience and would definitely choose Sam Ash again.


Louisville, KY


These Picks Rock!!!


I am constantly searching for ways to improve my tone and technique, besides practicing, and I've been looking at different picks for a while. I started on the tear drop style jazz picks when I first learned to play guitar. I moved on to Dunlop Tortex 0.73's, then Eric Johnson signature Jazz III's, then to Gravity picks. I tried the Rob Chapman signature plectrum and one of their standard picks (I'm forgetting the name right now). Those picks are great, however at $6 per pick, and the fact that they wear out only slightly slower than a normal pick, I couldn't stick with them. After doing some research, I was going to get the Dunlop Primetone picks, however, I stopped when I stumbled upon these. After seeing the size, thickness, and reviews from people saying they were similar in feel to the Rob Chapman gravity pick, I tried it. This pick is just as good (if not better for me) than the Gravity pick, and a lot cheaper. Now don't get me wrong, Gravity makes some great picks, but for the price, and the play-ability of this Ultex pick, I think I'm going to stick with it for a while.


New Jersey


Ultex Jazz III XL, Multi-Pack

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Series Ultex
Model 427XL
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