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DJ & Production

DJ equipment has evolved significantly over the past few years but the traditional DJ setups of a DJ Mixer and two turntables or DJ MP3/Media or CDJ’s and more modern Digital rigs consisting of a DJ Controller designed to control DJ software will each have their fans and detractors. A perfect example of this is the Hybrid Digital Vinyl Systems (DVS) consisting of DJ interfaces/soundcards and time code vinyl. If you’re a more experienced DJ, the convenience and portability of new DJ technology is worth a look. If you’re a beginner DJ, you will probably want the authentic experience that analog DJ equipment delivers at some point. Regardless of if you want to be an event/wedding DJ or if you’re looking to spin nightclubs and pool parties, Sam Ash has all the DJ equipment you need. We are here to offer expert advice and will always have the latest DJ gear. We offer the full selection from the worlds top DJ brands including Pioneer DJ, Numark, Rane, Roland, Denon, Native Instruments and more.

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Serving musicians since 1924, Sam Ash is proud to be part of your musical journey! If you have any questions about the products we sell, our staff of professional musicians have the answers. Just give us a call at 1-800-472-6274 and they will be glad to help you select the right piece of gear to suit your needs and budget. Speaking of budgets, be sure to ask about our special financing and leasing options.