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Direct Sound EX29 Extreme Isolation Headphones


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MSRP: Old Price $189.95 Was: $129.95 Price Drop! Discounted Price Now: $99.99 Save : $89.96 (47%)
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MSRP: Old Price $189.95 Discounted Price Now: $99.99 Save : $89.96 (47%)
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Extreme Isolation Headphones are the only isolation headphones that do not leak sound into microphones during recording. No bleed of click tracks or recorded tracks. The only passive isolation headphones that can be worn for long periods of time without ear or head fatigue weighing only 11.5oz.

The headband is stretchable over time and does not need to be tight on your head to block sound. Customers' suggestions were the driving force to improve the already unique design. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED.


•  EX-29's are the only Isolation headphones with critical mixing fidelity
•  Light weight design only 11.5 oz.
•  Ear cushions that do not bleed sound into live microphones while recording
•  Comfortable headband that is adjustable and will stretch out for a perfect fit
•  Professional gold screw-on 1/4" adaptor


•  Model EX-29
•  TYPE: Dynamic closed back SPEAKERS within a Closed Back Isolation Chamber.
•  FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 20 - 20,000 Hz
•  DRIVERS: 40 mm super high fidelity
•  IMPEDANCE: 32 ohms
•  SENSITIVITY: 114 db at 1000 Hz.
•  CORD: 9 feet
•  PLUG: gold 3.5mm plug with metal sleeve and a
•   screw on 1/4" gold adapter .
•  INPUT POWER: 500 mW
•  WEIGHT: 11.5 oz.

Things You Will Get:

  • Headphones
  • 1/4" Adapter

Awesome Sound!


Just bought a pair for my Alesis DM 10 drum kit. Originally, I bought some cheap headphones thinking that it will be ok...foolish. DM10 sounded subdued and the hi-hat did not sound crisp, snare was off, etc. Once I plugged in the EX29, the entire drum kit jumped to life. The sound was sooooo clear and crisp. All instruments (pads) came to life! Yes, I am a novice who enjoys clear sound, and EX-29 is great. I don't know if it is good for MP3s...but then again (MP3s compression is poor anyway). I do not like Beats or whatever they are, Bose is great but pricey, EX29 are right on the money. For 129 bucks (I got the black ones), the sound quality is amazing! And the best part - they are made in US :) They deliver everything that is being advertised about them. Oh - almost forgot - don't be put off by the cheap looking plastic fold - it is made like that for a quick repair. If you care more about looks than sound - get something five times the price of EX29, otherwise, enjoy your DS headphones! Cheers!

Bart the Jak

Richmond, VA


Best Headphones & Best Customer Service


I purchased the EX29 model back in late December. On September 15th, the head band that attaches to the headphone speaker broke off. Through Extreme Isolation's website, I emailed customer service and was blown away by the promptness and speed at which they fixed my problem. On September 19th, I had my new head band, which was a piece of cake to replace (No tools required) and I was ready to practice again. I've owned different isolation headphone's made by Vic Firth and have tried various permutations with gun headphones covering ear bud headphones, none of which can compare to the comfort, quality, and ease of use these head phones offer. Just to let everyone know how good these headphones work, for the most part I play metal. Much of my playing consists of lots of double bass, blast beats, fills and cymbals played at extreme tempos for long periods of time. These headphones keep my ears from ringing, give the perfect mix of allowing me to hear my drums without blocking to much noise, being extremely comfortable, and also having a great sound so that I can hear my metronome, or iPod. And, these things cut down the overtones and make your drums sound better too! Do your self and most importantly your ears a favor and pick up a pair of Extreme Isolation head phones.


Houston, TX


Great product....no reservations...


Well, I'm not sure what to say about the "too much bleed" complaint, save for the fact there is no way I can conceive of a pair of headphones having LESS bleed than these. I've used them for over three years and have found them to be wonderful for tracking vocals, acoustic instruments, playing to clicks, drum tracking, live use as monitors, etc... I've never had even the slightest issue with bleed while using these...something I cannot say the same of regarding other headphones.What's more, I've used these nearly every day (yes, that sounds like an exaggeration...but it's true...) for at least a half-hour a day for either recording/tracking, or for using as hearing protection during drum practice (usually playing to a click via metronome, or plugged into my Mac and playing to tracks...), or dragging them out to a gig, and just recently had one of the drivers go out. [...]...In short, these are really durable, work just as described, and along with my old Korg tuner are about the best under $100 bits of music gear that I've ever purchased. You know those pieces you buy that are not that glamorous (tuners, capos, cymbal bags, guitar stands, cords, etc...), but make your musical life so much easier? I unreservedly put these headphones at the very top of that list. Highly recommended.


Portland, OR


Do listen to the other guy


Bought these for my drumming so I can play along with some tunes while I play. Sounded great, and blocked out enough drum sound to be able to play along with the music at a low volume. I've spent a GOOD while trying out different headphones and these are the best headphones I've ever tried... Hands down. I'm surprised that anyone would give these anything but a 5 star. Had them for a while and wouldn't recommend anything other than these.


J. town AR


The best isolation phones available.


These isolation phones are one of my favorite tools. As a drummer and drum teacher it's vital that I protect my hearing, and also be able to hear click tracks, CDs or any other "piped in" signal sources above the sound of my drum kit. These phones do an excellent job on both counts. I wear them for hours at a time and do not experience ear discomfort or hearing fatigue. I bought a 2nd pair so my students and I can wear them during parts of our lessons. The speaker drivers have been updated too, and yield better fidelity than the original model - the highs are much cleaner and the overall sound is more satisfying. I actually did and A/B comparison with a pair of isolation phones that were MUCH more expensive and I wound up returning the pricier phones because the EX-29s sounded superior. I also have high praise for their customer support. John, who runs the shop, is very responsive about getting your needs met, and he stands behind the warranty without fuss. If you ever have a problem just contact Direct Sound and they'll take care of you. Highly recommended.

Kevin J.

Indianapolis, IN

There is too much bleed


I bought this product for home recording purposes. I thought these headphones would have minimal bleed coming through when overdubbing to previously recorded tracks. Unfortunately, I am not happy at all. The bleed is enormous. The prerecorded tracks are coming through the headphones and are being pick-up by the microphone. Thus, the product does not live up to it's description.

R.J. Silverberg

Kew Gardens, New York


Best isolation headphones


As a former musician in the Nashville recording studios, I can attest to the value these extreme isolation headphones have for studio musicians and sound engineers. But I puchased these to reduce external noise when using my portable CD and DVD players while my wife is practicing on a grand piano in the room next to my study. They are far better than any battery powered active noise reducing headphones that I know of on the market. If it's the best noise reducing headphones you are after, I suggest these, even if you are not in the music or recording business. The only drawback might be for those folks who wear glasses with thick ear (or temple) pieces. While very well padded, the ear muffs fit snugly, and might become uncomfortable pressing against thick eye glass temple pieces with prolonged use. And just for comparison, these muffs have the same noise attenuation (29dB.) as my best shotgun shooting ear protection.


Nashville, TN


Very nice!


They cut out just enough sound to make the drums more comfortable to play. As far as myself, they made things comfortable to the point where I was playing closer to how I play when I practice at home with my practice pads.


Hollywood, CA


Total Junk, Save Your Money


Horseshoe pieces that hold earphones to head band are flimsy plastic. Broke one side within a couple of months of gentle use (behind sound board). It broke while putting headphones on. Repaired with Gorilla glue and wihin a week the other side broke, again while putting on headphones.


Charlotte, NC


A Great Product!!


"These headphones are just what I needed. If I wanted to practice along with a CD or drum machine in my garage, I had to turn the volume up way beyond a comfort level in order to hear it with my old headphones, making it painful. With these, you can hear whatever you need to well above the drums without cranking the volume level. You can practice all day with a comfortable sound level."



EX29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

4.1 10


Series Extreme Isolation
Model EX29
Fit Over Ear
Type Closed
Usage Studio
Information not available

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