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Cordoba GK Studio Negra Gipsy Kings Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Cordoba GK Studio Negra Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar is designed to emphasize tone and playability with its superb craftsmanship, all at an affordable price.


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MSRP: $975.00 $699.00 Save : $276.00 (28%)
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MSRP: $975.00 $699.00 Save : $276.00 (28%)
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The GK Studio Negra is the ultimate gigging instrument. Built with a solid European spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides, this nylon string guitar comes equipped with a soft cutaway and Fishman Presys Blend pickup. The GK Studio Negra is a flamenco guitar made for the stage, constructed with a slightly thinner body depth, neck, and nut width than a traditional Spanish guitar. The neck is designed to have little or no relief, offering low action for ease of comfort and quick playability.

For flamenco players, this model offers a bassier and more robust tone in contrast to the bright, snappy sound of ‘blanca’ flamenco guitars, but any guitarist looking for a new tone to add to the repertoire will feel right at home with the GK Studio Negra. With its comfortable body shape and classic tonewood combination, this model is the perfect choice for exploring the nuances in sound that can only be captured with nylon strings. Like every Cordoba guitar, this model also has a two-way truss rod built into the neck. Other features include a rosewood fingerboard and bridge, high gloss finish, clear golpeadores (tap plates), and premium Savarez Cristal Corum strings. The GK Studio Negra includes Cordoba's deluxe gig bag.

Get your Cordoba GK Studio Negra Gipsy Kings Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash Direct with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Things You Will Get:

  • Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Gig Bag
  • Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  • Gig Bag

A lot of guitar for the money


I spent a lot of time researching nylon stringed guitars under $1000 dollars. The GK Studio Negra kept being mentioned over and over. With good reason. You get A LOT of guitar for the money. If you are looking to upgrade...I would consider this. I was looking for a classical guitar that I could run into my recording device and record ideas with. This guitar has filled all of my wants and then some. The guitar without being plugged in has a beautiful sound and has consistent highs/mids/and bass. I see a lot of $100 nylons and then super expensive ones...this hits the sweet spot. It is well made, is versatile and has beautiful tones. I love the neck and action right out of the box. I personally like that it has a trust rod...purists probably won't...but I do. The service at the Sam Ash store in Castelton (indianapolis) by Shawn--was second to none. The gig bag that comes with it is wonderful. I am perplexed and irritated that so many guitars now don't come with a case. The Cordoba bag is well made...spend a few dollars more and get a humidifier...to protect your outlay of cash. The GK Studio Negra...my only regret is that I didn't buy one sooner.

Roger the Dodger

Greenwood, Indiana


WOW! This guitar is sweet!


Great instrument especially for the Price Point. Looks beautiful and plays the same. I play Jazz, Classical, Flamenco, Blues, Folk, Blue Grass, and more on this great instrument. Thanks Cordoba!

Big John

Los Angeles


I love this Guitar


I used @ church and private parties. The first time that I played was great, smooth, clear sound, very good for fingerstyle or strummer. Very good option for the price. For flamenco style plastic protector it is great. I love it!!!!


Lakeland FL


Just wanted to say WOW!


I have not been playing guitar all that long but was in the market for a nylon acoustic, when I heard the tone of this one I had to get it. This guitar has such a beautiful sound to it that it has made me want to really focus on learning even more. Great sound as well as a pretty good price for it.


Richardson, Tex


GK Studio Negra vs. C7CE !


It's not a contest, but a contrast. I have played a C7CE spruce top for several years and it was a great value barely used and cheap! I bought the negra (dark rosewood back and sides in a flamenco) of 3 in the store. This was the best sounding and best looking (look for a tight and very straight grain in the top if possible). You would find the C7 resonates more (deeper body) and is more suited to classical music. The negra can do 'nuevo flamenco', Renaissance, and some classical pretty well. A negra is a flamenco guitar, so it will have less sustain (shallow body) and relatively more 'growly' bass strings. It's versatile and for many players might be the one to keep and then sell the other one (which I will do). A classical guitar is typically not outfitted with a pickup, nor is a true flamenco blanca or negra. But for casual play, stage performance (parties, open mic, small gigs), a negra keeps feedback down, is comfortable, is 'punchy' and with a crisp tone. Remember this with a NEW spruce top: the day you buy it is the WORST it will ever sound! Every day you play it, preferably all over the fretboard, the more it opens up for about a year and gets louder and prettier as the wood relaxes and vibrates more. Cedar tends to remain more the same over time and is ready to play 'right now'; it's a choice and the better sounding guitar is the one to get. I believe two good sounding cedar vs. spruce of the same model (like the C7) would lead me to the spruce as it will get considerably better over time. For these modestly priced guitars, wipe out the tuner gears with an old toothbrush to remove grit, etc. when new. A tuner or 2 will sometimes feel 'sticky' and a tiny drop of mineral or linseed oil (with a toothpick) where the brass gear rides on the sideplate and cleaning the gears mesh area will usually fix the problem. Be prepared to have a luthier lower the saddle bottom and likely the nut slots to get the action at fret 12 about to 3/32" or even slightly less if you play lightly. The trussrod is adjustable, so start with a flat fretboard and set the action as low as possible, then 'lefty loosey' (not 'righty tighty') the trussrod nut about 1/4 turn to relax the neck relief for string clearance and stop any rattles or buzz (typically in the D or A strings). And keep it humidified and in the case all the time! A dry guitar rattles, cracks, and otherwise does not respond like a humidified one. I toss in a small chunk of damp sponge; when it is dry ...dampen it again! Cheap, self-monitoring, and does the job.


Richmond VA


The Cordoba GK Studio Negra Review


I own a Cordoba C5 and recnetly purchased the GK Studio Negra. I play it every day and it is a joy to hold and to listen to. It's easy to tune, has a straight, easy to finger neck and fret board. I have to confess that the first GK Studio Negra I purchased had issues, but Cordoba went above and beyond to replace it with a new one. Outstanding compnay, with exemplary customer service, and well made guitars.


Peoria, Arizona


Everything I wanted in a Flamenco Guitar


I've been studying classical guitar and wanted to learn the Flamenco Style as well, but didn't want to trash my classicals. Since I already own two other Cordoba guitars, and the GK Studio Negra had received positive buzz, I checked one out at the local Sam Ash Music. This guitar was even better than I expected. The instrument has a loud, even tone with a big, punchy low end and crisp highs. The neck is fast and comfortable, and the electronics do a great job faithfully reproducing the character of the guitar when amplified. I've played flamenco, classical, jazz, and even some bluegrass on this guitar... and it seems to work well for everything. I compared it to some competing (and higher priced) instruments, and the GK Studio Negra was the clear winner. The Sam Ash tech was able to tweak the action before I walked out of the store, delivering perfect playability. If you can, try one out. This guitar has my full endorsement.

Jeff Hatcher

Orlando, FL


Great versatile Classical guitar


I was looking for a classical guitar that I could do some recording with. What I ended up getting was a guitar that also sounds great naturally too. When I purchased this guitar, I compared it to whatever they had in stock at my local Sam Ash and found that it sounded fuller and brighter than any other guitar they had, including the ones that are thousands of dollars. My main reason for the purchase was to record music at my home studio. I needed something that was a quick "plug and play" and not have to worry about setting a microphone up (like recording a standard classical Concert guitar). The Fishman blend electronics are perfect to get a more than a decent sound from it. You can check out my YouTube page to check songs that I've recorded with it. jcr5150 I also had the opportunity to perform this at various concert halls in a Classical ensemble, and this guitar stands out especially when doing a lead. Not only does it shine on flamenco style songs but it does very well on standard classical pieces (Romantic or Chamber style). I haven't had the opportunity to play it through a PA in a live club performance but I would expect it to shine in that as well. This is a top notch guitar...and I have 28 years of guitar playing experience.


Boca Raton, FL


GREAT guitar


This guitar is amazing. I first picked it up out of curiousity, simply because it was beautiful and wanted to see how it sounded. From the first rasgueado I knew i had to have it. It was absolutely EFFORTLESS to play, the neck is very thin and i LOVE it. It has a great bassy yet snappy tone, due to the rosewood. The fishman pickup is GREAT although a bit bright, the sound quality you get from this guitar is phenomenal. Only problem i had with is that the B string occasionally will go out of tune after some very heavy playing, but very unnoticeable, and the onboard tuner helps fix that.




Fantastic Value


i played this guitar in my local Sam Ash and could not stay away from it. I ended up buying it. Unplugged it's much fuller sounding than the GK studio, and for that matter the used $1700 Taylor nylon that was next to it in the store. The intonation on mine is sport on. It is at least as loud as my Alvarez MC90C which is a much deeper guitar (physically) and no slouch in its own right. Plugged in it's fantastic. Having both pickups and internal microphone is a huge plus. The internal mic comes in real handy for percussive playing and added color. i have 11 guitars, and this is my third nylon sting model. The guitar is going to easily be my most played instrument for the foreseeable future. It is that good. I can't recommend stopping by a Sam Ash just to try one of these highly enough for anyone interested in a good nylon string guitar -- even if you think you want to spend a couple thousand -- Like i did, you might surprise yourself and save some money.




GK Studio Negra Gipsy Kings Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

4.8 10


Number Of Frets 19
Scale Length 25.6"
Nut Width 50mm
Neck Wood Mahogany
Body Wood Indian Rosewood
Top Solid European Spruce
Bridge Type Indian Rosewood
Tuning Machines Open Gears
Other Features Binding/Purfling: 3 Ply Maple and Ebony Top Purfling
Rosette: All Natural Inlaid Wood Mosaic
Finish: High Gloss Polyurethane Finish
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Truss Rod: 4mm
String Spacing at Saddle: 59mm
Fret Marker Inlays: Mother of Pearl at 3, 5, 7, 9, 12
Nut/Saddle: Bone
Number of Frets to Body: 12
Bracing/Build: Spanish Fan Bracing, Flamenco Style Build, Cutaway Electric
Body Width & Length: 285mm (11.2") at upper bout, 370mm (14.6") at lower bout
Overall Length: 39"
Body Depth: 88mm (3.5") at upper bout, 89mm (3.5") at lower bout
Tuning Machines: Cordoba Black & Gold Floral
Strings: Savarez Cristal Corum High Tension 500CJ
Electronics: Fishman Presys Blend with 4 Band EQ + phase, undersaddle piezo and internal microphone with blender, built in digital tuner
Tap Plate/Pick Guard: Clear Spanish Golpeador
Orientation Right-Handed
Case/Bag Included Yes
Case Type Deluxe Gig Bag
Series Iberia
Model GK Studio Negra

Fishman Presys Manual

Cordoba Warranty Booklet

Warranty Info:

GK Studio Negra Gipsy Kings Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar

Cordoba has a 3 year limited guarantee that gets upgraded to a lifetime warranty when the guitar is purchased with a HumiCase.