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Cleartone 7412 EMP Micro Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings (12-53)


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MSRP: Old Price $24.00 Discounted Price $17.99 Save : $6.01 (25%)
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Cleartone Acoustic Strings featuring the finest Phosphor Bronze available for the warmest and brightest resonance on an acoustic guitar. Super-high tension winding over a hex-core is used to maintain tuning consistency throughout performance duration. EMP Treatment is then applied to all the strings (including the plain strings) to ensure longest tonal life without compromises.

What Makes Cleartone Strings So Special?
Coated strings last a long time, but up until now, sound terrible. Uncoated strings sound great, but lose their tone quickly and with oxidation, are more susceptible to premature breakage. Cleartone Strings with EMP have the thinnest coating ever applied to guitar strings and the most durable. Cleartone's EMP Coating is approximately 1 micron thick. In comparison, Cleartone Strings are 1000 times thinner than any other coated string. Plus, because of the uniqueness of EMP, the protection actually bonds to the molecules in the metals so nothing flakes of during hard strumming and no dull or muted tone.

What is EMP?
EMP (Enhanced Molecular Protection) is Cleartone's patent pending procedure that helps prolong string life. EMP protects strings from the elements such as your body pH, elements in the air and on your hands. If you take a set of Cleartone and a regular string, hang them both outside during a rainy day and see what happens after just one day. If you really want to see a difference, check them out after a week, or even a month. What you will find is that Cleartone stays fresh and clean, like it would on your guitar and the regular string will be covered in oxidation. That's what EMP is all about; Cleartone's way of saying, "Go on, you can play many more hours without a worry."
Gauges: .012; .016; .026w; .034; .044; .054

Things You Will Get:

  • Guitar String Set

Love these strings


I have always used Elixer lite gauge on my Taylor until I used these.. They have a wonderful warm sound, very little finger noise and keep their tone for a long time.





These strings where so durable I haven't purchased another till this day



don't keep the tune !


don't keep the tune.bad for pro. player




worst of the worst


these strings are terrible by far the worst strings ive used on my guitar, if your looking for strings get dadarrios ej16


Miami, FL


Unreal strings...


These are the best strings I have ever put in my guitar. I have always used either DaDarrios or Elixirs. While those are nice strings, these have far suprior tone and also gave me increased volume. I like them so much I put a set on my Gibson 61 SG reissue (electric strings of course) and it screams. Probably the best strings I have put in it as well. The other reviews dog these strings for not being as smooth as Elixirs. Well, they are not supposed to be as smooth. Read the product summary and you will find they have a fraction of the coating (just enough to give the strings extra life). This is to get better tone out of the strings as we all know non-coated strings sound the best but die a quick death. The other reviewer talked about how his 3-4 month old strings sounded better...do you really want his advices considering he had 4 month old strings on his guitar? You will not be sorry for buying these strings. I will never stray from Cleartone as that is my new brand!

Macon Pickin

Macon, GA


Beginning Guitarist:First set of Strings


I am a beginning guitarist and this was my first set of Acoustic strings. Strings are somewhat thick, but smooth and good tone. Tone drops signifigantly after 4 or 5 weeks of practice at 1.5 to 2 hours 5 days a week. Overall was satisfied whith these strings.


Hollywood, Ca.


nothing clear about it!!!


these cleartone strings are terrible, they sound dull, in comparison to old stings that have been used for about 3-4 months!, elixirs on the other sound great BUT! they flake and lose their smooth feeling after about a month, my decision between the two?, elixir over cleartone anyday, but im still in search for a "LEGITIMATE" set of strings.

"why pay more"

fullerton, california


Save your time/money!!!


I had elixirs at first, within 1 month they began to flake and started to lose a little of the "smoothness" feeling. I decided to try cleartones and figured you get what you pay for, I was wrong!!! terrible product, the strings feel rougher than tradional strings and sound dull, they sound as though they have been on my guitar for about 3 months when they are supposed to be brand new!


Cerritos, CA


7412 EMP Micro Treated Acoustic Guitar Strings (12-53)

3.0 8


Material Steel
Other Features bronze
Model 7412
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