Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Ignite Virtual Synthesizer (Digital Download)

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Voltage Modular Ignite Virtual Synthesizer Digital Download that can be used as a Stand-Alone Instrument or as an AU, VST2, VST3, or Pro Tools AAX Virtual Instrument. Compatible with Mac and PC.
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You can create endlessly using the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular Ignite Virtual Synthesizer Plug-in Bundle. This virtual synthesizer plug-in bundle provides you with an unparalleled workflow, fantastic sound quality, and infinite expandability.  

Unparalleled Workflow
Designed from the ground up by Cherry Audio, the Voltage Ignite plug-in bundle features a flawless workflow, so you can create an endless number of effects and sounds seamlessly. Featuring six-way pop-up mults on all inputs and outputs, this bundle allows you to easily manipulate your sound just like on a real synthesizer. Using the intuitive, polished, and clean virtual synthesizer interface, reposition modules or groups of modules, reroute cables, and so much more.

Fantastic Sound Quality
All audio processing uses high-quality 64-bit double precision math for a near zero-latency performance. For a true modular performance, this virtual instrument bundle operates on individual samples. Combining these features allows you to have pristine audio quality, amplitude modulation, oscillator sync, an insane delay effect, and more.  

Infinite Expandability
Although, this plug-in bundle comes with an immense amount of synthesizer modules and other effects, there is always room to expand your virtual collection. The easy-to-use module browser allows you to immediately install synths and effects directly after they have been purchased.

  • Intuitive virtual synthesizer plug-in bundle
  • Six-way pop-up mults on all inputs and outputs
  • Easy-to-read control panels
  • High-quality 64-bit sound and zero-latency processing
  • Operates on individual samples
  • Innovative modular browser
  • Includes 45 virtual synthesizer modules and effects

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Things You Will Get:

  • Voltage Modular Ignite Digital Download Code Sent to Customer via Email and Taken Care of on MFG Website
  • Model Number 1143-826
    Model 1143-826
    Series Voltage Modular Series
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