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Casio Privia Pro PX-5S Digital Piano

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MSRP: Old Price $1,399.99 Discounted Price $999.99 Save : $400.00 (29%)
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MSRP: Old Price $1,399.99 Discounted Price $999.99 Save : $400.00 (29%)
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Shattering Expectations
The Casio Privia Pro PX-5S Digital Piano redefines what a stage piano can be, providing an arsenal of acoustic piano, vintage keyboard and synth sounds with powerful controller features and sequencing tools, all in a remarkable 24 lbs package.

Privia Pro PX-5S Features:
  • 88 Note Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard
  • Vintage Electric Piano Sounds
  • 4 Zone Master Controller
  • AiR Sound Source
  • 256 Note Polyphony

Powered by AiR
At the heart of the PX-5S Stage Piano is Casio’s proprietary AiR sound source which provides incredible realism, detail and expression for grand piano sounds. In the PX-5S, the power of AiR has been expanded to provide stunning fidelity and control over other instrument tones and effects with 256 notes of polyphony.

New Sonic Territory
The PX-5S redefines what a stage piano should be, providing an arsenal of other sounds and creative tools. The PX-5S includes powerful Hex Layer tones complete with real-time filters and also features four programmable arpeggiators and multitrack phrase sequencing.

Old School, New Class
In addition to Privia’s award winning grand piano sounds, the PX-5S has an arsenal of newly developed sounds including classic electric piano, harpsichord and clav sounds. Some of these tones are complete with release samples, amplifier and speaker simulations for an incredibly authentic experience.

Stage Settings
To easily access the sounds you need for your performance are Stage Settings. Each Stage Setting configures up to 4 keyboard zones, knob / slider assignments, phrases, arpeggios and effects settings. Each of the 4 zones in a Stage Setting can control an internal PX-5S tone, an external MIDI device or both simultaneously.

The PX-5S has 100 completely user configurable Stage Settings which are arranged in 10 banks of 10 each. When you’re within a bank, each Stage Setting is just one button press away allowing you to seamlessly switch configurations during a live show. Stage Settings can easily be edited, moved or replaced using the PX-5S’s Data Manager software.

Phrases and Arpeggiators
The PX-5S includes two unique and highly configurable performance tools a Phrase Sequencer and an Arpeggiator. Each Zone within a Stage Setting on the PX-5S can choose to use an Arpeggiator or trigger a Phrase.

The Arpeggiator in the PX-5S is fully programmable. There are 100 presets and room for 100 of your own. There are up to 16 steps in the Arpeggiator and it can be configured to play at different note values such as 8th notes or 16th note triplets. Particularly unique to the PX-5S, the Arpeggiator can be used to trigger parameter changes such as panning, filters and more, with or without triggering notes, allowing you to add animation to your parts.

The PX-5S also includes 100 phrases with room for 900 of your own. Phrases can be riffs, drum patterns, controller movements or longer musical events that can be triggered live from the keyboard. Phrases can include things like bass lines and horn riffs that will transpose across a range of keys in the zone. Using the Data Manager software for the PX-5S you can convert standard .MID files for use as phrases. This gives you access to thousands of free and commercially available .MID files for use in the PX-5S.

Audio Recording and Playback
Using a standard USB thumb drive, your performances or moments of inspiration can easily be captured as a standard .WAV file. Simply press the Audio Record button two times and the PX-5S is ready to record. Similarly, the PX-5S can play back .WAV files that are put on the USB drive. The second footswitch can be used to start or stop playback while you play along with your own pre-recorded backing tracks.

Serious Control
The PX-5S is a powerful four zone controller, complete with 4 knobs and 6 sliders all of which are completely configurable to control internal sounds, effects parameters or send continuous controllers to other gear. Each zone on the PX-5S can control an internal sound, an external MIDI device or both simultaneously.

Casio continues the tradition of providing “class compliant” USB connectivity on Privia digital pianos. This allows Privia to be used with Mac or Windows computers without the need to download drivers. Class Compliant USB MIDI also allows Privia digital pianos to be used as a controller for the Apple iPad by using Apple’s Camera Connection Kit.

Portable and Battery Powered
At 24 lbs., the Casio Privia Pro PX-5S is the lightest weighted action stage piano ever built. This makes it easy to get to and from your performance. While you’re at your performance you never need to worry about interruptions in power as the PX-5S can operate for hours with 8 standard AA batteries. So wherever you are the PX-5S is easy to travel with and be up and running in an instant.

Things You Will Get:

    SP-3 Footswitch
    Power Supply
    User Manual

Great product!


Live shows.



Grab this keyboard!


I am very satisfied with this piano. I was blown away by the fast shipping from Sam ash. But I was mostly interested in was having a weighted controller since I mostly use key scape and piano tech when I'm playing out. But I also wanted some thing with its own sounds in case I have a problem with the computer. This fits the bill perfectly. The feel of this piano is just incredible and very authentic. It feels so much better than mashing plastic and springs.



Yes awesome product




Lansing Michigan


The Perfect In Between Product


I needed a midi controller, but I also wanted a keyboard that had some internal sounds for gigging. The Privia PS-5X was a perfect match for my purposes. It's light weight and has good piano keys action. It has all the midi control I will need for my computer music work. The user interface is difficult to learn. The sounds are amazing and on par with anything Yamaha or Roland has or better. The icing on the cake of the ability to use arpeggios and layering with zones to create sonic master pieces. Much more than meets the eye and not much more expensive than a simple 88 key midi controller. Casio knocked this one out of the park. A real value!




Casio PX-5S, Game Changing Cut Above!


The PX-5S is "A Cut Above" ...... "A Cut Above" ...... It is just amazing how this instrument, the Casio PX-5S ....without any fiddling with the sound board either at premix or the main stage sound board .... Just CUTS through the band.....I have yet to meet a Bass, Guitar , many Guitars, or Drums including double drummers, that can absorb the sounds from the PX-5S. The filter section as we all know are indescribably smooth. Yet, I find their ability to emulate many other signature sounds to be most impressive, but like the great and famous vintage manufacturers, (Moog, Arp, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, Fairlight) whose names were never needed to recognize their SOUND......I am beginning to mold a sense that the Hex Layer is less of a generic layering effect, as in many boards that have come out with layering features, but the Casio HexLayering system has developed and separated from the rest a sound of its own. I believe, with all the things this board can do being considered, it is etched a Uniqueness in its sound that is transferring into ....."oh yeah that the Casio PX-5S" response from those who have been used to hearing it for about a year now...... I am finally able to create some signature PX-5S sounds.....that I can't get elsewhere....... Let me explain........it's the FILTER....... And what can be done with the filters....... It has a CRUNCH of the Prophet V , you have to dig in there for it..... But it's there....but it has it's own coloring so to that crunch......it is smoother, but do not make the mistake of thinking smoother isn't "cutting" ( see what I did there' . It is fat, and can produce some nice low end bass tones......again.....with it's own PERSONALITY. It is BUZZY, with a slightly rounded edge to the sound which actually assists in hours of taming an otherwise "to sharp" sound. And then there is that breathy sound.....not of a choir, but like the way the instrument physically breaths....like a Fairlight had that breathy sound....the Watcher of the Skies tone in the Hex Layer area ( I believe this is Jerry Kovarsky's work..... of the new downloadable stage settings) and the Stage Setting Mike Martin worked on began to forge , with a bit more tweaking on my part ...... A sound so reminiscent of the Mellotron.....just shy of real sample themselves......it was A Cut Above! This patch also allowed me to really dial into the advantage of having on board, real time EQ's because with out that ability , the ICY tone of the Mellotron would not exactly be reproduced....... The added DSP effects, programmability of real time controls, etc.......allow for this keyboard to express itself far beyond the "pick a patch" routine..... "The PX-5S is the one stage piano that allows you to program your way into a synth module and back again." "The PX-5S, where Versatility meets the demands of the Keyboardist with a Personality all it's Own!" "The PX-5S does so much, it should weigh enough that it takes a full crew to carry..........but it doesn't.....play one and find out why!" A bass player once looked at my rig of vintage boards, weighing ungodly amounts of dead weight , you know the type made of real wood and steel encasements, as I was just busting every bone in my body and shredding every muscle I have to load, unload, pack , repack, these behemoths of the past, .....as he took his bass out of its case, plugged into a small power amp head and had a very light weight amp...... And said "I just plug in!" I recently played with this bass player again.....as I brought in one trip, my Casio PX-5S with its Privia soft shell case, a stand, I can hold in one hand, along with my small utility bag of cords, pedals, etc.....looked up after 5 min set up.....and just before I made the final connection of my audio out cables......I looked up......called him......and as I plugged in.......I said, with the Cheshire Cat smile on my face , "I just plug in too!" "The Casio Privia PX-5S.....A Game Changer that's A Cut Above!"


Los Angeles, CA


Casio PX-5S


There is nothing on the market in this price range that offers a fully weighted 88 note keyboard with extreme flexibility all in a 24 lb package. Gig out with this Casio PX-5S and a Roland VR-09 and you pretty much have it covered for any gig.


Wolcott, Ct


The Hex Layer Is Remarkable


The Hex Layer Presets inspire so much creativity in my compositions. I just fire up a preset, im instantly inpsired to create my own music. This Keyboard will add a new dimension if you play traditional classics as well. Each Layer of sound has it's own articulation which most interesting seems to be the way it responds to short and long notes, especially when i sustain a lower note, it weaves a beautiful tapestry of musical glory. Most keyboards have 4 layers, Casio Is really introducing something new to the industry. The organ and piano and sounds i know arent as good as whats in a yamaha motif but its excellent for its price point, They arent the best sounds as far as whats available at higher price points.

Asterdose Teratogen

Riverside, CA


The PX-5S is a Powerhouse


I only buy new keyboards every 7-10 years, so I need to make sure they are something special and will last. The PX-5S is a wonderful surprise. This is more than a Stage Piano. It is also a powerful synthesizer and Master MIDI Controller. The piano sounds are highly customizable and realistic and the keyboard feel is one of the best weighted 88's I have played. The synthesizer section is a real treat: The pre-programmed sounds are fun to play and sound great as-is, but you can edit and layer sounds to make your own combinations. For controlling other keyboards or computer-based synths, the PX-5S takes center stage again. It's flexible MIDI controller that is now front and center in my studio. The other important thing I need to mention is the technical training and support that is provided online by Casio. If I have a question, I can go online and ask it, and get an answer usually within a few hours. Very glad I chose this instrument!


Orlando, Florida


Privia Pro PX-5S Digital Piano

5.0 8


Series Privia
Model PX-5S
Weight 24 lbs.
Dimensions 52.05 x 11.26 x 5.31 inches (LxDxH)
Warranty Info:

Privia Pro PX-5S Digital Piano

One Year Parts and Labor Warranty- Extended to 3 years with online registration

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