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Casio WK-7600 76-Key Arranger Workstation

Powerful, flexible arranger workstation with features rarely found on an instrument at this price


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MSRP: $799.99 $449.99 Save : $350.00 (44%)
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MSRP: $799.99 $449.99 Save : $350.00 (44%)
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Featuring a variety of inputs, 820 tones including 50 drawbar organ tones with sliders, 260 preset rhythms with full accompaniment and a 17 track sequencer, the WK-7600 lets you record and mix your compositions straight to removable SDHC cards. Quickly edit your tone filters, envelopes and while adding realistic depth with its complete set of DSP effects.

Play with a full band
A total of 260 preset rhythms with full accompaniment are built-in. One button click brings you access to styles from rock, pop, Latin, jazz, country, classical and everything in between. You can choose to have just a drummer or full virtual band at your disposal, so now you can play and write music with more speed and sophistication than ever before.

Compose and Record
With the new WK-7600 you can capture those moments of creativity so they'll never get lost. Featuring a powerful 17-track sequencer, you can even edit and tweak your performances enabling you to turn out broadcast ready, professional tracks. Once you've created your masterpiece you can save your song file to an SDHC card. Better yet, you can save it as an audio recording. That's right, this new keyboard can mix down internally and save your new song to an SDHC card as an audio file. This allows you to share your music with the world. Utilizing Casio's free DATA Manager 6.0 computer software your recording can be converted into a .WAV file, so you can burn your song to a CD, put it in your favorite music player, send it to friends or a record producer. Making music and sharing it has never been this easy or affordable.

The Organ Drawbar Function in the WK-7600 comes with 50 specially selected built-in drawbar organ tones. Nine sliders can be used to change harmonic overtone level settings and add percussion and click sounds for real-time sound creation as you play. A rotary speaker simulated using a built-in DSP provides the distinctive acoustic effect of drawbar organ speakers. Parameters can be edited to create original "user drawbar organ tones" and you can store up to 50 of your own presets in memory.

Built-in digital effects include reverb (10 types), chorus (5 types), and DSP (100 types using 46 effect types including delay, phaser, flanger, wah, rotary, and more).Plus, you can create original DSP effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later recall. The equalizer incorporates five selectable frequency characteristics,including “Bright” for a lively sound emphasizing the treble range and “Powerful” with a stress on volume.  

  • 76  piano-style keys
  • Special Organ Drawbar Function
  • 260 rhythms
  • 820 tones, 10 user tones
  • 100 DSP effects: 100 preset, 100 user
  • LCD display, data entry dial
  • 32 channel mixer, 17 track sequencer
  • 32 settings in the registration memory
  • SD or SDHC card slot (2–32 GB)
  • Audio/Mic Inputs
  • Can be battery operated
  • 7W x 7W speaker system

Things You Will Get:

    WK-7600 Keyboard
    Music Stand
    AC adaptor

I love it!


This is my fourth Casio keyboard and each one gets better. I loved my WK3800 but the quality of sound seems even better on this one. I love the greater variety of tones and rhythms. I don't like that I had to buy a memory card just to record a song. I was hoping that I would be able to record more songs than just 5, and more tracks than 6. Perhaps this keyboard can, but the manual may as well be written in Japanese. It is so complicated and difficult to understand. It just seems there must be an easier way to present the keyboards possibilities a little better. And the layout of the keyboard itself seems complicated. Perhaps I will get used to it over time. I would think that like cars a newer model would build on the previous layout, but each keyboard seems to throw out the old layout and start anew. I thought that based on my previous keyboards, that I could just take this out of the box, and start playing and recording something, but I was wrong. It's a whole new ballgame. But all that being said, I still love it and hope I will adjust. I love the piano and pad tone. I think it was on the wk1300 a/o 1200 I used to love the piano and guitar tone, but again, they did away with it. As they did with some of the 50's rock and roll rhythms they used to have which I also loved. The 7600 has new ones which are good, too, but I miss the old ones. (I play some classical, but mostly swing type pop, and rock and roll, and ballad types)

ex-adagio dancer

Englewood, NJ


Excelent Workstation


Excellent keyboard for anyone starting to produce tracks


Cleveland, OH

Drawbar Organ Operation!


Though this is billed as a workstation, this unit is equally at home playing live shows. Furthermore, the unique addition of drawbar control on the organs really allow you to tune the sound in a realistic way. The sounds are very good, especially in this price point, and the fact taht you have 76 keys allows for most pieces to be played without needing to transpose. The action is great and the tweakability of the sounds really appeals to sound designers like myself. Good stuff!


Edison, NJ

Tons of sounds


Great keyboard for just playing at home or even as a one person band. Lots of sounds built in. You can play with a full backing band (with or without drums) in lots of different musical styles. Great investment!


Sam Ash Music Ontario


Good General Purpose Keyboard


This is a great all around keyboard. with 820 tones and 260 presets it's hard to get bored with it. The recording on it is top notch as well. I see no downsides to this keyboard.




Lots of great functions!


This keyboard is great for anyone from beginners to professionals. With over 800 sounds, 260 rhythms, and 100 effects, there is surely something for everyone. It is very lightweight, so traveling with it is simple. And with 76 keys, it expands the range from a 61 note keyboard without dealing with the size of an 88 note board. The built in 17 track sequencer is very simple to use, and even export to a WAV file so you can transfer it to a computer and burn your new song to a CD. This is a real hands on product review by Steve at Sam Ash Music in Lyndhurst, OH.


Cleveland, OH


So many options


The Casio WK7600 is definitely one of the most versatile 76 key keyboards out there and at a great price. With over 800 sounds and 250 rhythms, you can do almost anything with it. Best part is you can create and record songs and put them right onto an SDHC card.


Edison, NJ

Great keyboard for writing


This keyboard has everything you need to write. It comes with over 800 different sounds as well as 260 preset rhythms in ranging styles to play along to. The keyboard also has built in effects and a powerful recording function which allows you to produce ready-to-distribute compositions. All in one keyboard!


New Brunswick, NJ

WK-7600 76-Key Arranger Workstation

4.6 8


Number of Keys 76
Type of Action Weighted
Polyphony 64
Built-in Rhythms 260
Effects Type 100
Arpeggiator Yes
Controller Types Pitch bend wheel : 0 to 24 semitones, Large Dial, Octave shift: ±2 octaves Rhythm/song controller
Audio Playback Yes
Audio Inputs 4
Number of Audio Outputs 2
Other Controllers 9 Sliders
Other Features SD/SDHC recording
1/4" Mic input
1/4" instrument input
Stereo mini input
Dimensions 46.7” x 15.7” x 5.9” (L x D x H)
Weight 19.6 lbs.
Model WK-7600
Series WK

User Guide.pdf

WK-CTK Tone List.pdf

MIDI Info.pdf

Warranty Info:

The manufacturer's warranty covers parts for one year and labor for one year from date of purchase. The warranty excludes damage from misuse, abuse, and contains other exclusions.

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