Carl Fischer The ABCs of Violin for the Absolue Beginner DVD

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This DVD is the perfect beginning approach to the violin. It covers all the basic, essential points of starting on the instrument. It features the author, Janice Tucker Rhoda.

Uses include:

    •  A powerful supplement to the book The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner Book 1
    •  As a basic primer for the beginning player
    •  Get visual and aural reinforcement of proper playing after the lesson with a teacher
    •  Covers and reinforces posture; lesson time can be used for music
    •  As a tool for new teachers
    •  Parents can understand the basics and help during practice time
    •  As a great starter for studying the instrument at home without a teacher
    •  Helpful hints for instrument maintenance
    •  List of recommended accessories

Playing technique highlights:

    •  Playing and rest positions
    •  Left hand and finger positions
    •  Pizzicato
    •  Right arm and bow hold
    •  Bowing techniques
    •  Basic Music note reading
    •  Easy play-along pieces

Other highlights:

    •  Parts of the violin and bow
    •  Tuning
    •  Attaching the shoulder rest
    •  About the mute
    •  About the bow and rosin
    •  Casre of violin and bow
    •  About finger graphs
    •  COunting and the metronome
    •  About vibrato and shifting left-hand positions
    •  Performance pieces from the ABCs advanced books

Things You Will Get:

  • DVD
  • Model Violin for the Absolue Beginner
    Series The ABCs of
    Model Number DVD19
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