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Boss ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Bass Effects Pedal


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The ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal will give your bass a wide variety of distortions.

Tailored specifically for the frequencies of a bass guitar, the ODB-3 can provide you with a wide range of overdriven sounds from a light overdrive all the way to chest-resonating distortion. The 2-band EQ allows you to shape the bass' distortion tone to your liking, and the balance and gain control knobs enable you to dial in the desired amount of distortion without compromising the dry bass sound. By mixing the effected sound with the bass signal you will always get great sounding distortion while maintaining all the power and presence of the regular expansive bass sound. For already overdriven bass amps, the ODB-3 can also be used as a gain booster.

The ODB-3 is a great overdrive pedal for hard rock, thrash and punk bassists.

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Things You Will Get:

  • Effect Pedal
  • Dry Battery 9 V
  • Manual

Pretty good pedal


i bought this pedal used at the local samash store just to experiment with and i got to say i found it very usefull, if you play hard rock or metal this is a must have, sure there's more choices out there but in my opinion this pedal is pretty good., it doesn't suck up my tone in any way and its true what the other guy said, u can use it as a boost pedal too, i keep my on the crunchy side anyways i'm glad i bought this pedal. PS:one person says this pedal eat batteries like crazy well " MOST PEDALS WILL EAT YOUR 9 VOLT IF YOU USE IT FOR MORE THAN 4 HOURS STRAIGHT" if u have a pedal board u got to have a power supply for your pedals.. (im just saying)




Best Bass Overdrive Pedal Available


Wide range of distortion without losing clarity.

Eddie Bandit

New York, NY




i have a gk bass head with o.d. and i prefer the pedal sound way more its a rockin piece and can take a beating, a must have.

the man


It's ok


I got this mainly out of desire rather than necessity and I didn't keep it very long. It was fun to tinker with but for me it wasn't what I was looking for. I like a high gain distortion and I couldn't adjust my amp, bass and pedal enough to get a sound that I liked. The slightest movement on the strings would make that screaching sound. The low gain sounded muddy and drained my tone. I liked it for the fun factor but I couldn't use it with my band. I'll recommend it because the majority of people like it.


Albuquerque, NM


The greatest pedal i've heard


This is an amazing pedal, definately the best (for Bass) from Boss. It keeps the basically unaltered low-end while crunching the highs, Great for rock and metal. You can also just use it as a booster for a Bass solo. You can change the OD/distortion from a normal Bass with some grit on top all the way to a tuned down Bass-less guitar, and everywhere in between. Mine doesn't eat up batteries like the other person said. And the light tells you when the batteries are low by getting dimmer and dimmer.






works great i can get that old school cliff burton sound that i love out of it,great for any metal player out there i recommenend this to everyone.




Pretty Good


"This pedal was very good for me in most circumstances, it gets a good crunchy tone which can be varied pretty well with enough messing around. Unfortunately it sucks up batteries like crazy, using this pedal for any prolonged period of time will completely kill the batteries. However it's still very sturdy, gets a good tone and is bright yellow. If yoou have the money to pay for all the 9 volts you're gonna need go for it, otherwise I still recomend it, but only in moderation"

Peggy Salwen


The best


I have had this pedal for about 4 months and i love it. I have got it set to a crunchy overdriven booster. My bass teacher set to sound like a Big Muff. This is a great pedal over all. [...] Buy this pedal.



This is great


The D=Boss ODB3 overdive pedal is amazing it helped me at a concert at broadway and provided great sound



it is cool


it is has all the efects and features i was looking is well worth the price

Ryan LoCicero


ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Bass Effects Pedal

4.3 12


Model ODB3 Bass Overdrive Pedal

Boss ODB-3 Owner's Manual

Warranty Info:

ODB-3 Bass OverDrive Bass Effects Pedal

Effects pedals: 5 years parts, 3 years labor All other products: 1 year parts, 90 days labor