Hi Mr. Sam Ash,

My name is Janelle C. I went into your store last week and had the time of my life. The service was more than outstanding the people were on point, friendly and very helpful. When My husband and I walked in we were greeted by a lady who was outstanding and helpful name Katherine. Katherine gave us a brief tour of the areas were we needed to check out things we buy the most, I thank her for the outstanding welcome and knowledge of the store and your supplies. After getting into the Audio department this Cool guy name David and who could ever forget David. David was helpful in every way possible to my husbands question, and needs. David is the smartest ever when it comes to know what a sound and making music is really about. I stepped away because I’m learning how to play the Guitar and went to the Guitar section and this Guy with Long hair name Jason was Perfect customer service was natural, friendly, and knowledgeable to my needs. This is how you treat a customer who is clueless in Guitar area. After getting my personal assistance with Jason a Manager name Steven was making his rounds, and I just had to ask Jason may I speak to the manager and less then a second walking up was a manger available second, I tell you. This Manager Steven had me feeling like I was apart of your store and made me feel more welcome then plenty of other stores I had ever experienced.

Mr. Sam Ash, what you have here is a wonderful family running your baby wonderfully. My husband and I have spend so much money at other stores and have not yet to have the experience of a LIFETIME Sir. This need of service needs to be shown to the world, I have never seen advertisement nor commercials for your store and people look for the service, knowledge and friendliness of your people. I experienced something magical and I am still shocked that people like this still are here to have service like this. I have been WOWED Sir!

Sam Ash will be a name that needs lights, camera, and action. The traffic should be a lot more only because you really have the best family all of music supply and best inventory ever! I enjoyed my first visit and wish all my equipment was purchased with your Sales Team.

I would like for you to personally Thank the names below:

1. Awesome Welcome Katherine, thanks for the store Guide for our needs, very helpful and knows the store Greet!

2. David, I can not thank you enough for your time and Knowledge, you have to be the smartest and a special Artist in this entertainment industry. You make people love Music More! Thanks!

3. Jason, you ROCK Guy, Love the hair and you taking your time to help a new hobby of mine with the Guitar info. You have made me understand what all the facts of being better is all about, also your services Rocks, Thanks!

4. Mr. Manager Steven B. I like how you move, you walk your store, your friendly, and even available for service to your Sales floor, and the customers. You really and truly define a Wonderful Manager. You have hired the Best team and I hope your store is the Biggest success ever. I would like to Thank you for all the time you, and your staff have provided to my husband and me. This first time experience was like going to Disneyland Music Center. You have all the right people in place and they now all the stuff. Thank you Steven for a Sam Ash Wonderland!

Mr. Sam Ash, Thank you for having a value of knowledge, with a selection out of this world. Wonderful people who want to be at work and I happy to service the music world. This was the Best First time experience ever Sam Ash!

Thank you for taking time to read this letter, I just had to take time out my schedule, and Sunday was the first time available for me to write my experience. Please Thank all your staff even the ones I did not work with on my day of arrival! Your store in Cobb County, Georgia is the Best Wonderland ever!

Sam Ash Rock’s!