Hi Luis,

I just visited your store today as I happen to do every few months

I wanted to let you know that It was a real joy meeting Charlie in the pro recording section.

At first I thought he was representing a pro brand, such as Manley or BAE, because he was so knowledgeable and looked the part.

It turned out he was a recording engineer and he gave some totally expert advice, such as the Avantone BV, the Warm Audio gear and the new Icon HUI controller.

I think your  store has a real asset In Charlie and because the experience for me was so out of the ordinary I wanted to do this extra effort and write this letter  to recommend him.

I look forward to my next visit to your store and may even call in before to make sure Charlie is in.

My letter is entirely based on my experience today.
I am not family and have not met Charlie before.

Best Regards