Thank you again for the order and thank the manager at CA store. All arrived in good order, at first I was a bit disappointed with the bSamson 100w PA as it seemed very weak, but after experimenting and trying the output of Steinberg UR 22 thru ¼” plugs direct into separate channels in PA, vs RCA stereo out put to the RCA 9/10 channel> It had a lot more punch to it.
Then after bringing the gift of the Cubase and Steinberg to our local HS, a slight disaster struck when my computer STOPPED seeing the drum VST signal plug in from my EZ drummer software. Well I was TOTALLY LOST and ready to scream as I had upcoming gigs etc so I called Sam Ash in CA and spoke with Abraham Parker, REALLY GREA guy who walkewd me thru on phone and spent the time to make sure it was right and got me goin. So PLEASE acknowledge him thru his manager as I may have written his email incorrectly, VERY sharp and helpful.
Thank YOU- I am a Happy Man NOW!