I just wanted to let you all know about an exceptional experience I had today at the Sam Ash in Charlotte, North Carolina.

A guy by the name of Randy Garret gave me red-carpet treatment when I bought a bass today. The action wasn’t quite right and I was on the fence about buying it. Not only was he willing to adjust the neck right then and there before I bought it, he caught a buzz in the action because one of the slots in the nut was not cut properly. Then he went and filled the slot and refiled it properly while I waited!

This was a busy Saturday afternoon, and he also handled another buyer and met both our needs seamlessly. The guy is a total professional and impressed me to no end. Also, the bass has excellent action now and I was able to go home a happy customer with it today.

I don’t think I’ve ever been treated so well at a large chain store like I was today at Sam Ash in Charlotte, NC. The sales manager Justin Ware was awesome to deal with, too.

Thank you, Sam Ash!