My name is Sara M.  My husband and I have been purchasing instruments and musical paraphernalia at your Queens  NY store for years. I feel compelled to tell you about 2 people in particular- Joe Rodriguez, the guitar tech (and so much more) and Dave Stumacher, the store manager. Joe is leagues above any guitar tech we have previously met. His knowledge base, experience,  professionalism, expertise and sense of humor make each visit an educational and personally satisfying experience. Joe and Dave make you feel so at home that, as per my husband Ari, you want to just move into the store and stay there. There is no question that your Queens store has and is changing for the better. Dave’s honesty, positive attitude, wry smile, trouble shooting ability and a clear finger on the pulse of the different departments in the store is exactly what you would expect from a great manager.
I wish you all the best and continued success in this store.