I rarely send feedback related to my experiences as a customer but, having recently purchased my second “high-end” guitar at a Sam Ash in Buffalo Grove, IL,  I wanted to send a quick note. This was the second time I was helped by Tim ( I can’t recall his last name, but he’s been there quite a few years, somewhat long black hair, in his 30’s). He provided all of the information I needed related to to the guitars I was interested in purchasing, he didn’t use any cheesy sales gimmicks to lure me towards the more expensive instrument among those I was trying out, and both times I bought an instrument he appeared to enjoy his job. It’s people like Tim that keep me coming back to Sam Ash in Buffalo Grove. On average, I purchase a new guitar every couple years, and having staff who enjoy helping my find a guitar to meet my specific needs (I’m very, very picky and each of my instruments is set up for a particular genre of music).

As a practicing psychotherapist with 18 years of experience, I’m more than familiar with various techniques of influence (NLP and others) and if I ever feel a sales-person is attempting to influence me to purchase the more expensive option even if it clearly isn’t the best choice for my needs, the talk is over and I walk out (many automobile dealers have lost a sale due to cheesy sales techniques, and I pay in cash). Suffice it to say, Tim appeared to only have one interest in mind:  helping me find the right guitar that fulfilled my needs as a musician. He did just that and, in a year or two, I’ll be back at the Sam Ash Buffalo Grove location for my next guitar