Hi Frankie

I got the guitar today!!!!! I don’t know what to say honestly. This thing is just incredibly beautiful!!!! I did not like the sound so much at first but I know the strings that it came with are not my favorites at all. I played it for about an hour then changed strings to the new D’Addario NB 1253. Now this thing sounds so amazing!!!!! I also put in gold plated brass bridge pins just to match the gold tuners. The action is incredibly low and the neck is perfect!!! Dude, I am SO happy!!!!!! This is just an amazing guitar!!!!! You Sir, are my my hero!!!!!!!! Regardless of the guitar and how amazed I am by it, your efforts and your concern and all that you did to make this happen for me is so very much appreciated!!!! I just can’t thank you enough and know that you touch people’s life doing what you do. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sir!!!!!! I will definitely
come to you for my future needs.