Dear Sammy,

I just left your Huntington 02 store a very happy and satisfied customer and wanted to write a thank you and to let you know you have an exceptional employee, Brian Varneke, your store’s operations manager.

I have been a customer over the years at your store and always believed yours was by far the best music store. Now I believe not only is that true but you have the best employees too.

I had purchased for my daughter Miranda, in 8th grade in the East Meadow School District, a fantastic violinist in her 5th year of playing, a Kaces violin case a little less than a year ago from your store. I went there today to have her violin restrung and to buy NYSSMA violin books. I also showed Brian my daughter’s violin case that was defective the lower bow clamp was broken and could not protect the lower bow. Brian could not fix it but checking your computer saw it was still under warranty and said the company would fix or replace it.

My daughter is only with me on weekends as I am divorced and I didn’t want to have my daughter’s lower bow get damaged in the case or damage the violin. Brian generously offered to give my daughter a new Kaces case and he would deal with returning the defective one. He also restrung her violin and tuned it.

Brian’s efforts and generosity are something that I greatly appreciate and make me proud to be your store’s customer. As far as I am concerned yours is the ONLY music store for me, my family and friends and anyone I can tell.

Thank you once again.