Dear Sam Ash and Management,

My family would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the positive attitude, professionalism, and courtesy of your team members at the Lemon Grove, CA store.  During our first visit, we were amazed at the genial demeanor of every employee – a breath of fresh air based on our previous experience with other national-level music chain stores.  Despite the numerous customers that posed questions which conspicuously challenged the team, each interaction was handled with complete professionalism. We never felt pushed to buy, but were encouraged to try as many models of the instruments. The team skillfully answered all questions and were happy to inform us of equipment options.  Based on our positive experience, we did not waste time to shop around and compare at stores that we previously visited.  Less than 2 weeks later, we purchased intermediate level instruments for our children.  We apologize in advance if we forget to mention some of your stars at Lemon Grove store; we spent our time at the percussion and horns sections:  a. Randy was extremely easy to work with.  His positive attitude, pep in his step, and flexibility facilitated the entire purchase process. When we had equipment issues with the Yamaha keyboard at home, he eagerly prepared a replacement and communicated the solution with his team.  When we returned, everything was ready despite Randy’s absence.  b. Keith was very professional and patiently guided us through all of the purchase options. He is an awesome trainer and guided the new team members with complete steadiness. He is very responsive and accurate.  c. Marco easily related to my children’s musical instrument interests.  He was able to instantly build rapport with us and our children. It was easy to remember him when we came back to purchase.  d. Kim patiently guided my son in the Trombone selection and allowed him to play in the lesson room during our first visit.  We were disappointed that she was off when we purchased a Conn Trombone during our second visit, but we made sure she got the credit.  We are sure that they possess more positive qualities than what we noticed during our short interaction, but we hope that we were able to clearly convey some of their talents with your corporate team.  The energy at the store speaks highly of Jason Goldin’s indisputable concern for the Sam Ash brand, subordinates, and customers.  Please recognize their efforts because they make you look great.  Respectfully,