Dear Sam Ash,

I am writing to voice my devotion to your King of Prussia, PA store.
I live in Blandon PA which is more than a one hour drive away from your King of Prussia store. It’s also located about 15 minutes away from a Guitar Center. That being said, I willingly choose to drive over an hour to get to Sam Ash.

I have been a DJ for 15 years and have a whole lot of equipment shopping. A few years ago I made the switch from CD to digital DJing and went to your store for help. I spent over 4 hours there with your employee Jordan (in the DJ area). He did not rush me, he answered all of my questions, made suggestions, listened to what I was trying to accomplish and helped me in any way he could.

He made me a devoted customer to Sam Ash.

Since that time I have spent over $4500.00 at your store. I always deal with Jordan or Elliot another super employee who just teams up so well with Jordan to make the DJ department tops !!!

I visit your store regularly … maybe once a month or every two months. Sometimes for something particular and sometimes just becuase I haven’t been there in a while and miss it.

I know the retail business can be difficult and many times you hear the bad or the complaints from people and the good tends to get overlooked. I wanted to take the time to let you know that beucase of these guys I will not go anywhere else. Not only will I not go anywhere else but I do not shop on line. If your store doesn’t have what I want Jordan or Elliot orders it for me. This way I still get the beneift of talking to them and getting their opinion which has become something I trust and respect.

These two young men are credits to your store and I can assure you they are a large part of the reason for it’s success.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to many more years of shopping at your King of Prussia store and many more discussions with Jordan and Elliot.