School Instrument Rentals

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School Instrument Rentals

Give your student a head start with the Sam Ash Band & Orchestral Musical Instrument Rental Program! Sam Ash proudly offers the most flexible, cost-effective musical instrument rental program for students:

  • Take your choice of 5 month or 10 month rental periods
  • Choose from a wide selection of new instruments from educator-approved instrument makers including Yamaha, Bach, Gemeinhardt, Jean Baptiste, Carlo Robelli, Prima, Saga and other famous brands
  • Change your instrument within 90 days at no extra cost
  • 50% of rental fee can be applied to the purchase of a new instrument*

See a sales associate to get started.


*Must be same type as instrument rented. For example, the rental fee for an alto sax may only be applied to the purchase of a new alto sax. Limited to initial 5 or 10-month rental period.