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ART TPS II Tube Preamp System Microphone Preamp

The TPS II (Tube Preamp System 2) is a two channel high performance preamplifier coupled with ART’s proprietary V3™ (Variable Valve Voicing) functionality.


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MSRP: Old Price $269.99 Discounted Price $215.99 Save : $54.00 (20%)
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MSRP: Old Price $269.99 Discounted Price $215.99 Save : $54.00 (20%)
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With variable valve voicing, the ART TPS II is completely versatile and maintains a high quality of performance you would expect from an ART tube preamp. The TPS II also features variable input impedance which allows users to dial in and match any microphone type from large condensers to ribbon mics. The newly improved V3 feature provides optimized reference points to begin the recording process for guitars, bass guitars, synths, acoustic instruments, percussion, vocals and more. Unique to its’ class, the TPS II provides level monitoring with two analog meters as well as two newly added input monitoring LED meters. High-Z instruments or balanced microphone signals are input through front and rear panel jacks. This newly enhanced TPS II can accept +20 dB peaks while maintaining over 120 dB dynamic range, quiet performance and incredibly low distortion. ART’s legendary tube stage maintains a classic “warm sound” and adds additional tube voicing specifically tailored to vocal, guitar, bass, and acoustic instruments making the TPS II an incredible DI box. ART's OPL™ (Output Protection Limiting) feature is also included to control overshoots and normalize levels before clipping occurs.


•  Variable Input Impedance
•  Newly Enhanced V3™ Variable Valve Voicing
•  LED Input Meter
•  Analog Output Meter
•  Enhanced ART Tube Technology
•  Automaticly switches between instrument and mic preamp
•  Wide Frequency Response (5hz/50kHz)
•  Enhanced OPL™ Output Protection Limiter
•  Torordal Transformer

Things You Will Get:

  • Microphone Preamp
  • Power Cable

Great price for a quality tube pre


I really enjoy the simplicity of this preamp. It really adds nice color to just about any instrument or signal. I've been using it on my drums and vocals in the mix and you can really hear a nice difference from raw.



Great Unit


I originally picked up my TPS II a few years ago (2004?) when I purchased a TASCAM Multi-track that lacked Phantom Power. I didn't want to introduce cheap products into the chain if not necessary so I did some research and found this model. It was within my price range, had tubes, was tested for many instruments, and was rated well. After getting the unit I was impressed. The sound coming out of the unit almost seems intentionally processed. The tones are always warm and rarely need processing after they are tracked. Compared to the digital pre-amp that comes with my DAW audio interface, well there is no comparison. If I bypass use of the TPSII my track sounds like I have no idea what I am doing in the studio. It is flat and boring, and processing makes it sound processed. Whereas utilizing the TPSII gives me that professional sound (or as close as someone like me can get). I actually kept the unit when I switched to my DAW even though it was purchased as a quick fix for the TASCAM. PROBLEMS: The Input meter is not sensitive enough and sometimes I am not even sure if it is working. My condenser mic seems to not breach -10 on it and sometimes it can make it hard to troubleshoot. As with any unit with Phantom Power there seem to be small issues, my DAW can start up with Phantom Power turned on, and the TPS II seems to send a surge when it is turned on so watch your levels when you do turn it on. Also the unit seems to run hot. I understand that there are two vacuum tubes at work and that generates a good amount of heat, but just know that it can run hot, though it has never over heated. Bottom Line: The TPSII works, it is my favorite addition to my studio, and it is reliable (I have not once had it break for any reason.)




"Great sound, great price... 5 stars!"


"I HIGHLY recommend the ART TPSII for live application or recording (I use it for both). For the price, this is an wonderful tube mic-pre. When I first got the TPSII, I used it to record acoustic guitar with a friend of mine. We recorded 2 tracks, both direct and through a Shure KSM27 large cardioid condenser mic. The difference between the direct track and the mic track with the Shure mic was incredibly noticeable. The warmth from the TPSII blew us away. Listening to the track through headphones, it sounded like there was too much bass - an indication that the tubes were really working and the track was really, really warm! (I did use one of the warmer pre-sets, as the TPS offers several.) My friend commented that his guitar tracks sounded as if he were on a ""real cd"" - i.e. a professional recording - and that was with no eq or compression, just a good, clean mic placement. Just for the record, I used the warmer ""vocal"" setting to get the sound I was looking, gain turned up about 2/3, and I placed the mic in front of the tone hole and just far enough away to keep from his picking hand hitting the mic, so we got the bottom end from the box but also his finger-picking nuances. Also, I'm a professional horn player (sax, trumpet) so I use this piece of equipment regularly now with saxophone - mainly playing classic rock, soul, blues & funk. My sound engineer commented the first night that I used the TPSII that he didn't have to adjust the EQ settings at all, that the sound was just so full and warm. I don't use any compression, as our group's overall stereo signal goes through a compressor, yet the sound has incredible character and evenness, even without compression. I use an Audio Technica wireless horn mic. I've recorded vocals and gotten great results. I recorded ""Harmon"" muted trumpet - a`la Miles Davis - and was very surprised. Usually recording with a mute is something a trumpet player is skidish about because it's tough to capture a good muted sound, but this mic-pre really captures the warmth and full tonality I've been looking for. My only problem is that I don't have enough time to experiment with it. The quality of construction is great - seems to be very sturdy, and it's very user friendly. I like this mic-pre so much that I'm seriously considering getting another one or two. You could go out and buy a really expensive mic-pre by some other company, but I HIGHLY recommend you try this unit, especially if you're on a budget and are just looking to add a cool piece of gear to your arsenal. When I finish my home studio revamp, I'll definitely check into getting other equipment by ART. [...]



TPS II Tube Preamp System Microphone Preamp

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Other Features ART Tube Technology, Instrument and Mic Preamp
Model TPS II Tube Preamp System Microphone Preamp
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TPS II Tube Preamp System Microphone Preamp

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